Vick debate will continue until training camp

Remember this time last summer when the discussion was if a team would sign Michael Vick when the quarterback was reinstated and if so what team would be willing to take the PR hit?

Fast forward and now the debate seems to be whether or not Vick will make it to training camp in a few weeks with the Philadelphia Eagles. Yes, that is the same team that swore up and down after last season that Donovan McNabb would be the starting quarterback this coming season. So much for that.

There seems to be mounting debate on whether or not the Eagles would like to dump Vick before he causes them some serious buyers remorse. The organization has steadfastly backed Vick since his ill-plotted 30th birthday bash in Virginia Beach, Va., the one where Quanis Phillips, his co-defendant in a federal dogfighting trial, was shot.

But what other choice do the Eagles have right now? After trading away McNabb, Vick is the only experienced quarterback on the roster behind starter Kevin Kolb and ahead of Northwestern rookie Mike Kafka. They can’t exactly dump Vick right now because there simply aren’t many attractive options on the street. Now, maybe the Eagles wish they had beaten the Baltimore Ravens to Marc Bulger.

A quiet offseason for Vick – one without All White parties – would have allowed him to go to training camp as quietly as someone with his notoriety could. The focus would have been on the beginning of the Kolb era. Now, Kolb is taking over for McNabb and the focus is going to be on Vick once again.

Probation officials have restricted Vick’s movement and for him it’s too bad that didn’t happen sooner. Maybe then the birthday party never would have happened. At the minimum, Vick is guilty of terrible judgment. It’s possible, too, he’s lost the faith of the Eagles organization. The debate will continue until training camp opens and Vick either is or isn’t there with bird wings on the side of his helmet.

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