Welker takes blame on dropped pass

Granted it would have been a tough catch, but even NBC analyst Cris Collinsworth said it was a catch Wes Welker makes 100 times out of 100.

“We had an opportunity. The ball is right there," Welker said. "I just have to make the play. It’s a play I’ve made 1,000 times. Then, in the biggest moment of my life, I don’t come up with it. It’s discouraging.”

“It hit me right in the hands," he added. "It’s a play I never drop, I always make. In the most critical situation, I let the team down.”

Welker's drop helped to stall out a drive where the Patriots were trying to protect the lead and kill the clock. Instead, it led to a game-winning and championship-winning drive by Eli Manning and the Giants, denying the Patriots revenge for a Super Bowl loss to New York four years ago.

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