Why You Need To Pick Up Virgil Green In Fantasy Football

Every fantasy season, there are always players that start out as free agents but end the season as very productive players. More often than not, the deepest fantasy teams are made up of "sleepers" like these. One of the most promising sleepers of the upcoming fantasy season is a name you probably have not heard before: Virgil Green

Chances are he will go un-drafted in most fantasy leagues, but I guarantee you do not want to risk not picking him up. After spending four years as the third string tight end for the Denver Broncos, he was recently signed to a three year 8.4 million dollar contract and is ready to expand his role in the Broncos' offense. Although Owen Daniels is anticipated to be Peyton Manning's main tight end target, here is a list of reason why this is likely to change in favor of Green.

1. Versatility

The implementation of Gary Kubiak's zone running scheme will feed off of Green's versatility as a blocker and pass catcher. His versatility as a blocker alone (having played fullback for the Broncos last year) opens up numerous opportunities for mismatches that will allow him to take advantage of his tremendous athleticism. Which brings me to my next point...

2. Athleticism

At 6'4" and 250 pounds, Virgil Green ran the 40 yard dash in 4.64 seconds (0.4 seconds faster than Rob Gronkowski). He was also the top tight end performer in the broad jump and vertical jump at the 2011 NFL combine. He is evidently much more athletic than his counterpart Owen Daniels, which will serve him well in not only taking advantage of mismatches, but also excelling in Peyton Manning's spread offense. This is not to mention he is five years younger than Owen Daniels and relatively fresh after four years of a light workload. 

3. Peyton Manning

No other quarterback in the NFL elevates the level of play of their supporting cast the way Peyton Manning does. He is known for getting the best out of his players and putting them in the best possible position to succeed. For instance, Peyton was the main contributor to the success Julius Thomas had in Denver. It is almost impossible to ignore the lack of production numerous tight ends have had post-Manning, showing he himself can literally make a player. 

However, in order to thrive under Peyton Manning, who can tremendously increase Green's production and therefore fantasy value, it is crucial for Green to get on the field as much as possible. His versatility will definitely help him do this in Kubiak's offense as well as provide him numerous opportunities to prove himself. It is not too far of a stretch to say Green will eventually earn the starting tight end position in Manning's spread offense if he does not open the season with that job.

The very real possibility of Virgil Green's emergence is one every fantasy owner should take advantage of. He is likely to go un-drafted and is definitely worth holding on to because he might just surprise you.

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