An Early Look: Dak Prescott, Mississippi State

Coming out of Mississippi State University is a QB who was in the Heisman race last season, but fell off at the end of the year; Redshirt Senior Dak Prescott is a very well built prospect standing at 6’2” and 230 lbs. Athletically, Prescott is the whole package, but as a QB, he leaves much to be desired. Here are his stats from last season:
  • 3,449 passing yards
  • 27 touchdowns and 11 interceptions
  • 986 rushing yards with a 4.7 rushing average
  • 14 rushing touchdowns
Here are my preseason notes on Prescott: Strengths: Prescott placed eighth in Heisman voting last season. He throws with an over the top delivery. He keeps his feet moving in the pocket. He doesn't really have a favorite receiver and spreads the ball around pretty evenly. Usually, he tries to go through his reads before scrambling out of the pocket. He can suck defenses in when he fakes the run, has decent arm mechanics, is usually a smart runner, and makes good decisions on where to run with the ball. He is a serious goal line threat can either run or pass. He can make the goal line fade throw or a quick slant in the end zone. Weaknesses: His production decreased the deeper he got into the season. He does not throw a consistently tight spiral and does not have a great deal of ball speed and power on his passes, which causes him trouble on deeper throws. He can, at times, get too much air under his passes and overthrow his receivers. Prescott needs to have a better point of release. He has average ball placement and makes a good effort to throw to where only his guys can get to it. Prescott does not do well in the face of pressure. He needs to learn how to throw the ball away and tries to do too much with his feet, which leads to sacks. He has some ball security issues. He does not have much quickness or agility when running and is more of a "run you over" guy. In several games, he threw the ball while getting hit, which led to interceptions and many close calls. Info charted from games in 2014 (Texas A&M, UT Martin, Kentucky, Auburn) Realistic Completion Percentage:
  • Behind Line of Scrimmage to Line of Scrimmage-96% completion on 26 attempts
  • Line of Scrimmage to 10 yds-59% completion on 41 attempts
  • 11 yds to 25 yards-42% on 43 attempts
  • 25 yds or greater-19% on 13 attempts
Completion Percentages on Man vs. Zone Coverages
  • 46% Completion Percentage vs. Man Coverage
  • 64% Completion Percentage vs. Zone Coverage
The bottom line is, I don’t see Prescott fitting in the NFL. Prescott reminds me way too much of Tim Tebow due to the type of offense he came out of, his better running ability than throwing ability, and his body size. I feel that Prescott is a much better runner than he is a passer, and he should consider choosing one or the other to work on. As of now, I see Prescott going in the 6th Round. I don’t see enough instinctive talent as a QB to see him lasting in the league because athletic talent will only last you so long. Austin Morris is a graduate of National Football Post's Introduction to Scouting and Scouting Boot Camp. He can be reached at

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