How Do The Weekly Monday Night Football Matchups Stack Up This Year Monday Night Football used to be a huge event. Back in the day, the Monday Night game was the best game of the week. But then again, back in the day there was no Thursday Night or Sunday Night games so it was easier for Monday Night to get the best match-up. Some of the best games ever have been on Monday Night Football. Some memorable Monday Night games that come to mind is the 1985 Chicago Bears at Miami Dolphins game, which turned out to be the only game the Bears lost all season, and the Green Bay at Oakland game when Brett Favre had one of his best games of his career days after the death of his father.  And who can ever forget the Oakland Raiders at Seattle Seahawks game when Bo Jackson trucked Brian Bosworth on his way to the end zone. There was the Houston Oilers vs Miami Dolphins game when Earl Campbell led the Oilers to a thrilling win in the Astrodome. Howard Cosell, Don Meredith and Frank Gifford were must-watch TV for years. Every game seemed to be a classic. I remember as a kid, the main topic of conversation at school on Tuesday was always the Monday Night Football game. While Monday Night Football isn't what it once was, it's still football, so it's still a good thing. Let’s take a look at how each week of MNF stacks up on a interest and watchability scale.   Week One- Pittsburgh Steelers at Washington Redskins: Two playoff teams from last season clash in the first game of a double-header in the season opening Monday Night Football game. Important to note this game is on at 7 pm eastern time so if you’re on the west coast and have a job may be a little tricky to catch the start. Big Ben and Kirk Cousins should be a really good quarterback battle. Hopefully the progress the Skins made last year will continue and make this a competitive contest. Watchability - 3.5 out of 5   Week One - Los Angeles Rams at San Francisco 49ers: This one doesn't sound like much based on actual skill level, but the Rams and 49ers had a big rivalry back in the day when the Rams were in L.A. With the Rams back in L.A. we will see the NorCal vs SoCal rivalry possibly re-ignite once again. Since this one doesn’t start till 10pm on the east, you fantasy football fans may have to go to sleep not knowing if they won week 1. Watchability - 3   Week Two- Philadelphia Eagles at Chicago Bears: This could be a good game if we get good quarterback play from Sam Bradford and Jay Cutler. But both of those guys are prone to stinking up the joint at times so this one could end up pretty bad too. Watchability - 2.5 Week Three- Atlanta Falcons at New Orleans Saints: The Falcons and Saints always put on a good show and they really put one one when they play on Monday Night. This one should be a shootout between Matty Ice and Cool Brees. They are two NFC South rivals and both want to be the team to challenge the Panthers this year. The winner will have a leg up to do that. Watchability - 3.5   Week Four- New York Giants at Minnesota Vikings: This could be fun. Teddy Bridgewater is becoming a good NFL quarterback add in stars like Adrian Peterson, Eli Manning and Odell Beckham and this thing get’s pretty interesting. Watchability -3.5   Week Five- Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Carolina Panthers: This is another NFC South division rivalry game. This one is a bit more one-sided than Falcons Saints though. The Bucs may hang in there for a while but they have little chance in this one. Cam Newton is always entertaining, and seeing how Jameis Winston performs following his Rookie Of The Year rookie season is an interesting sub plot. Watchability - 3   Week Six- New York Jets at Arizona Cardinals:  The Cards are always fun to watch and they seem to always play well when they are on in prime time. The Jets were surprisingly good last year as well. The Larry Fitzgerald vs Brandon Marshall matchup is worth the price of admission in itself. Watchability - 3.5   Week Seven- Houston Texans at Denver Broncos: Well, come on now, this is Brock Osweiler going back to Denver! You have to watch this one. J. J. Watt is playing and you have the Super Bowl Champs at home.  Must see tv. Watchability - 4   Week Eight- Minnesota Vikings at Chicago Bears: Halloween Night in the “Black and Blue” Division. If you like to watch two old rivals go at it in a good defensive game, then you'll like this one. It might not be the prettiest game though. Watchability - 2.5   Week Nine- Buffalo Bills at Seattle Seahawks: Seattle is always a great atmosphere, especially in prime time. It will be loud there, we know that for sure. The Bills are getting better, but might not be ready for this quite yet. This has blowout potential. Watchability - 2.5 Week Ten- Cincinnati Bengals at New York Giants: This one should be fun. We know Eli Manning and Andy Dalton will put it up a lot. They might not always go to the right color jerseys though. It's hard to say what might happen in this one. These two teams are capable of playing great and also stinking it up. Sometimes they do it both in the same game. Watchability - 3   Week Eleven- Houston Texas at Oakland Raiders:   The Houston Texans are back on after only a three week absence. This time they face the Raiders in a game that might be half empty in the stands. If the Raiders announce they are leaving town by then, there might not be anyone. Watchability - 1.5   Week Twelve- Green Bay Packers at Philadelphia Eagles: The Packers are always fun to watch. Aaron Rodgers is one of the best quarterbacks in the game's history. Eagles fans make them a tough opponent to take on at home. This game has high potential, but could also end up a very one signed affair. Watchability - 3.5   Week Thirteen- Indianapolis Colts at New York Jets: Joe Namath guarantees the Jets will win. Just kidding. But Andrew Luck is in the house, and with that new contract he signed in the offseason he better put up some serious numbers this year.  So this should be a good one. Watchability - 3   Week Fourteen- Baltimore Ravens at New England Patriots-  This one could be a really good one if the Ravens are still in contention. When Baltimore is at their best they are one of the few teams that can go into Foxboro and win.  They won in Foxboro in the 2o09 playoffs, can The Ravens do it again? But it all really depends on how their season is shaping up leading in to this late week contest. Watchability - 4   Week Fifteen- Carolina Panthers at Washington Redskins-  Cam Newton vs Kirk Cousins is a good quarterback match-up, assuming they’re both still healthy. If both of these team are in the hunt for a division title, and they really should be, then this will be surely be a good one. Watchability - 3.5   Week Sixteen- Detroit Lions at Dallas Cowboys: It's hard to say what we might have with this one. Both teams could be well out of the playoff race by then. If Tony Romo goes down to another injury this could be a real stinker, but there is always the chance that the Cowboys could be well in the hunt for the NFC East. Hard to call. Watchability - 2.5   Week Seventeen- No Monday Night game. On paper, there are definitely some good looking games on Monday Night Football, but not too many that make you really salivate. They don't seem to get those great games like Ravens vs Steelers or Packers vs Bears or Pats vs Broncos that the Sunday Night matchup constantly gets now. Theres also a lot of teams that don't ever make it to Monday Night spotlight.  Unlike the Thursday Night game where you can see every team play. But then again, are you really all that  sad the Titans, Jaguars, Dolphins, or Chargers aren't on Monday Night?  
Joe Mason
Joe is a co-founder of Rukkus, a web & mobile marketplace for sports tickets. As a former Division I pitcher, he has a deep love for sports and a passion for writing.

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