Is Ryan Grigson holding the Indianapolis Colts back?

The Indianapolis Colts played the New England Patriots and lost. Why did the Colts' defense seem to do so little in the game against Brady and the Patriots? In the 2015 NFL Draft, I imagine Colt fans were puzzled at the team’s draft choices and free agent signings. It seemed evident that strengthening the defense would be something the team would endeavor to do after the blowout loss to the Patriots. Surely, Ryan Grigson the team’s general manager would try to fix the disparity between a very talented offense and a defense with as many holes as it had. He brought in free agents in Trent Cole (OLB), Kendall Langford (DE), and Nate Irving (ILB). Obtaining Frank Gore should help the offense eat a little more clock and give the defense more of a rest. They will help the team, but filling needs via free agency does not always bode well for the team. Ask Andy Reid about the dream team he bought and paid for. Moreover, it is expensive and a huge gamble. What happened in 2014? Kevin Bowen of said: “After seven games in 2014, the Colts defense ranks in the top five of the following categories: points allowed (4th), yards allowed (3rd), takeaways (5th), sacks (2nd) and third-down conversions allowed (1st).” It is difficult to understand what happened; however, facing elite quarterbacks like Tom Brady can have that effect on teams. Still, some of the responsibility falls on the defense. Grigson will have to draft for needs instead of paying millions to a couple of players. It has been said that offense wins games, but defense wins championships. When quarterback Peyton Manning and wide receiver Marvin Harrison were released, Colts owner Jim Irsay said that he jettisoned Peyton Manning and Marvin Harrison because Star Wars numbers did not mean anything to him. He wants Super Bowl trophies. What kind of moves has Grigson made? One of the most notable decisions is the signing of safety Mike Adams. The majority of moves and the draft were on the offensive side of the ball though. The team must learn its lesson. Ryan Grigson, the coaching staff, and front office executives want Super Bowl titles but are going about it the wrong way through free agency. The solution is to procure long-term defensive talent through the draft to help complement a top-tier offense. Until the team embraces this, Super Bowl rings are not in the cards for the Indianapolis Colts. Millissa Beaton is a graduate of National Football Post's Introduction to Scouting and Scouting Boot Camp. Follow her on Twitter @SportsWizard28
Millissa Beaton
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