An agent’s wish list

There are a lot of great things about the NFL, but let’s take a look at some things that can be changed, tweaked or fixed:

-Make the draft eight rounds: There are too many good players who don’t get drafted, and many of them get matched with the wrong team in the few minutes they have after the draft to make a quick high-pressured decision.

-Extend the signing time that undrafted free agents can sign with a team until the Tuesday after the draft. This will give agents and players ample time to do their research and choose the right team. There’s no real system in place for the 400 or so players who get signed within one hour after the draft. Also, there should be an immediate disclosure system in which teams must report the signing of a UFA for agents and players to see.

-Take the active roster from 45 to 48 players. Expand the total roster to 56. Coaches and GMs want this, the union wants this, players and agents want this, but the owners do not. Extra running backs, defensive linemen, linebackers and/or defensive backs means more rested players, fewer injuries and higher quality games. There are also too many good players on practice squads who deserve a chance to play.

-Cut down on TV timeouts. I know this is revenue for everyone, but there has to be a way to curtail the constant stoppages of play.

-Move the draft up two or three weeks. This will give rookies a few more weeks to transition to their new cities and dive into the playbook and learn the system.

-Players placed on injured reserve during camp should have the right to come back in week 10. If a player is placed on IR during camp, he’s lost for the season.

-The union and the league should use an independent third party to levy fines on players and carry out the appeals process. The way the system operates now is unfair to the players. I had one player get fined $25,000 because his socks were too low. That’s ridiculous. The league has full control of this system, which leaves the players at a big disadvantage.

-Let minority NFL coaches like Ron Rivera, Winston Moss and Leslie Frazier coach the Senior Bowl. Also, let them pick their own staffs and run practices so GMs and owners can see them work.

-Give players the option to take their money in equal payments over a 12-month time period. They still spend it as fast as they make it. Create more deferred compensation options that take into account adjustments for inflation and interest opportunities. Players still need a lot of help in managing their cash flow and expenses.

<strong>-Put a limit on the number of days a team can practice in full gear during the season. This will cut down on injuries and put every team on equal footing.

I’d love to hear what National Football Post readers would like to see changed. Remember, general managers, owners, union reps and even the commish read this site daily. Here’s your chance to be heard.

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