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Being an NFL agent for 28 years I have learned a lot of things. And one of those things is to ignore 95% of all sensational headlines. Especially in today’s time of the internet where the gaggle of lemming journalists don’t go to practices, don’t watch the game film, and don’t actually talk to NFL players, coaches and team execs.

Jim Harbaugh is losing the Niners players: In case you missed it, Deion Sanders has inside information that Jim Harbaugh is losing his players. Well Deion didn’t just make that up, and somebody must’ve said something to him along those lines. That’s right, one person most likely said it and that person may feel that way. Maybe another Niners player told him the same thing.

However, there are 53 men on the roster each with their own opinion of the head coach. If a handful of teammates don’t like something about the head coach they will find each other and confirm their feelings and say negative things to outsiders about him.

I’ve had players on a team where one guy loved the head coach and the others hated him. It’s just like teachers and/or bosses in any business. Jim’s in your face supercharged competitive style is not going to appease all 53 players. He’s very demanding. Bill Parcells, Bill Cowher, and/or Jimmy Johnson weren’t always liked by their respective players either. Not every player on the Patriots is fond of Belichick. I’ve heard my players blast a lot of great coaches who went on to win a Super Bowl. So when you read headlines like this, look at the big picture and realize the toughest coaches won’t be loved by every player.

More importantly, know that the competition for insider content by the hoards of media personalities can lead to sensationalism and misinformation.

The end is near for Tom Brady: Didn’t we hear this before and often about Peyton Manning? Just like Belichick’s expressive facial reaction, the “knowledgeable” football world is giving the same reaction to these headlines. Yes, Tom looked bad on Monday night. Phillip Rivers, Alex Smith and Tony Romo all have had bad enough outings (and even seasons) that garnered headlines calling for a change at QB.

Tom Brady is one of the most competitive football players on the planet. Also one of the hardest working players as well. The problem with the Pats isn’t just his performance but the lack of overall team talent, and a revolving injured receiving corps not available for building continuity in the offseason as they had done in years past.

Oh and yes, the end is near for any QB 35 and older. But let’s not bury them alive.

Jaguars putting too much pressure on Blake Bortles to carry franchise: This one is brilliant! For one, every NFL QB is under pressure to perform, lead and win every single week and also be the face of the franchise. If this is true for Blake then it must be true for Bridgewater and Carr. Sure, there are two schools of thought in developing young QBs. One is to have them be an understudy for a few years and groom them patiently. Two, throw them in the fire, give them experience and let them learn on the job and accept the short-term growing pains. Both philosophies have worked and both have failed. The QB junk pile is littered with failures under both schools of thought.

One reason this headline is laughable is because there isn’t a better place to start a rookie QB than in the soft media cul-de-sac of the NFL, Jacksonville.

Now this headline may have some teeth if Bortles was in Philly or New York. Football people know that the Jags are a young team with a very patient owner looking to build a solid foundation. Additionally, the Jags aren’t set up like the Pats or Packers or any other team that has a proven laboratory for young QBs to incubate. The experience that Bortles received against the Chargers can’t be coached or emulated in practice. Don’t be surprised if the Jags go back to Henne if they think Bortles is getting too much mental and physical pressure. And know that Bortles isn’t being asked to “carry” the franchise but to help prepare it for 2015 and beyond.

Glennon is the answer for Bucs at QB: This is the opposite version of the Tom Brady headlines. This isn’t a knock on Glennon but a dig at the headline and overreaction to a QB who played a heck of a game. Yes, that’s “a” game this season. I’m actually a fan of Glennon and think he will be a good NFL QB. But my point is that most young writers seem to be quick to either grab their bandwagon uniform or their pitchfork based on a players latest performance. Glennon is a young QB who has a chance to be very good, but he needs some more tests so we can see if he can continually improve his performances.

There is a reason why the Bucs paid McCown ten million over two years plus another five in incentives to start this year. They obviously didn’t think Glennon is the near term “answer”. However, for the kids sake, I hope he is and continues to do well but let’s not anoint him until he runs the gauntlet of NFL defensive coordinators who make a living finding and exploiting flaws in a young QB's game.

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