The agent’s presentation

If you’ve ever wondered what goes into an NFL agent’s presentation to a prospective draftee, here’s an overview of the many topics that are usually discussed in a formal presentation:

Resume/background: I tell my story and my business experiences.

Track record: I give an overview of my body of work within the industry.

Existing scouting reports: I educate the prospective client on current scouting reports to help identify areas that need work and set realistic expectations.

All-star game: If a client is invited to one, I give him an education on the particular game and prepare him so he knows exactly what to expect. If not, I work hard on getting him an invite.

Preparation/training: I will break down each and every component and aspect of their Combine training program (goals, logistics, services, schedules, nutrition, meals, lodging, transportation, therapy, interview prep).

Pro day: We want to make sure the pro day (when scouts come to the player’s campus for additional workouts) is an improvement over the Combine performance.

Team visits: Teams will bring players in for physicals and interviews. Some players may visit as many as 12 teams. My job is to explain what to expect and how to make a good impression.

Draft day: Set appropriate expectations along with the best- and worst-case scenarios.

Mini-camps: How to prepare and what to expect from them.

Media training: The media can be an athlete’s best friend or worst enemy. One wrong word can turn off a whole city or front office. My job is to make sure my client uses the media to his advantage and makes a great impression.

Rookie year preparation: A player’s rookie year can be his most difficult. I share philosophies and habits that are proven and beneficial to all players.

Contract negotiations: I truly believe that if I educate my clients on the nuts and bolts of contracts, it will help make the negotiation process a stress-free experience.

New city relocation: We try to do everything we can to make sure a player makes a smooth transition to a new city, and we help him find a comfortable and safe place to live.

Financial planning and management: It’s said that 75 percent of NFL players encounter financial hardships within just a few years of playing their last game. My job is to have my clients end up in the other 25-percent bracket. I help to empower them to make good decisions and surround themselves with competent and trustworthy professionals.

Accounting: We give our clients a serious overview of the importance of bookkeeping, tax planning and strategies.

Insurance: Players should use insurance as a tool to help protect their bodies along with their new and developing empires. We educate and discuss the importance of disability, auto, umbrella, home, renters, life and annuity insurances.

Injury protocol: What happens if and when a player gets hurt? Our job is to make sure our clients understand their rights and the procedures of managing all aspects of an injury.

Charitable/foundation: We discuss the player’s intentions of giving back and the best ways to build a vessel to do so.

Marketing: Off-field marketing campaigns and strategies are essential parts of a player’s career.

Football camps: Many players use football camps as a way of giving back to their local communities.

Post-career planning: My job is to help my clients identify and pursue off-field interests that can lead to a second career. I strongly believe in preparing for life after football while you’re still playing football.

These are simply the basics of the services provided by NFL agents. The list can grow based on a player’s particular situation and needs. There are a lot more moving parts to my business than people realize. Like most other agents, I don’t actually invest my clients’ money, do their accounting or purchase their insurance. However, I help to surround them with professionals who can work together in their best interests.

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