Wedding Crashers!

For everyone who suffered through my posts last week, here’s an update on my 2009 draftable clients and my weekend activities.

Seth Olsen, G, Iowa: fourth round to Denver

Rob Bruggeman, C, Iowa: UFA to Tampa (14 teams)

Andy Brodell, WR/PR, Iowa: UFA to Green Bay (four teams)

John Matthews, WR, U. of San Diego: UFA to Indianapolis (four teams)

Ben Muth, T, Stanford: UFA to San Diego (three Teams)

This year’s draft was a bit of a challenge for me because it was the first time in 20 years I didn’t spend the weekend at my office or home office. I had to be in Chicago for the wedding of Eric Steinbach, my client.

The challenging part of being away from my office was that I knew I would have two to four undrafted free agents (UFAs). I like the comfort of working in my office, with a two-line phone, my white board, fax, printers, TV and computers all at my disposal. After all, the most important component of helping UFAs is being able to quickly process the flow of information in a very short time in order to make the proper decision. At the same time, I’m not going to miss seeing a client and friend get married. Nor am I going to risk getting on an early flight and trying to make it home to San Diego by the fifth or sixth round.

Another challenge I had was keeping my wedding tradition alive. Steiny’s wedding was at night, and I always bring a bottle of tequila to the reception – just ask Matt Bowen. Have you ever tried to pour shots without doing one yourself? I knew that Steiny, his family and guests, who included DE Justin Smith and C Hank Fraley, would not let me get away with just pouring a solo.

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