Why Richard Sherman is good for the NFL

Growing up in Philadelphia I pretty much hated everyone who played for the Cowboys, Mets, Celtics, Islanders, and, did I mention the Cowboys? As sports fans we learn to love but we also learn to hate. And sometimes the hate lingers and is amplified when it’s a player who may not be your same color or from your state.

Being passionate about a team can bring out the best and worst of us. It gives us an excuse to hate a person just because, by no design of their own, were drafted by a rival we love to hate. I am certain most Niners’ fans hate Richard Sherman. I am sure that most any white people, with even a tiny ounce of prejudice in their DNA, hate Richard Sherman. Yep, I said it. I am sure when he rants and talks trash on TV that there are some racial slurs being tossed around freely in the privacy of many living rooms.

I know when I was kid going to an all white elementary school, I was a little nervous about merging with African American students in the seventh grade. However, after playing sports and growing up in locker rooms with African Americans, the color and the baseless fears of the unknown faded away, as did all of the stereotypes that were filtered into my head. Without sports, many whites, blacks, and hispanics would have never shared so much time together along with common goals.

I think when most white America sees Richard Sherman they first see the dreadlocks, the tattoos, the facial hair, the earrings, and the brash personality. Is he this generations Muhammad Ali? Ali scared the hell out of white America in the 60s.

I do believe there are still some na

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