How Did It Come To This?

Obviously, the testosterone level of certain people in Denver has been raised a notch the past couple of weeks. There now appears to be a fatalistic element to what may or may not happen there, with lines being drawn. Behind the drama, however, I think we need to remember one important fact: It’s April. The next meaningful snap of football is almost six months away. A lot can – and probably will – happen between now and then, with one likely scenario being that nothing changes in terms of who the starting quarterback of the Broncos is, has been and will be. The NFL is the only major sports league whose offseason is longer than its season; story lines will play out over the next few months that will seem like ancient history in September. The one occurring in Denver now may very well be one of those. …

Along those lines, the first expression of discontent in the offseason comes now with the onset of teams’ offseason workout and conditioning programs.

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