Lost in translation

The NFL spin cycle continues with another edition of what they say and what they mean. Let's take a look at the words and meaning behind them of this week in the NFL.

Vikings quarterback Brett Favre on returning to play for the team:

I do know when it’s over, it’s over. I can’t play forever.

As long as Brad (Childress) keeps holding that door open, I’ll walk through.

Vikings running back Adrian Peterson, on drawing the ire of Childress for missing minicamp:

It had nothing to do with Brett Favre. If anyone deserves leeway, it's Brett Favre.

Man, Brett gets a lot of leeway. I hope I get that leeway when he’s gone.

Former Jaguars star Tony Boselli, on former teammate Mark Brunell’s filing for bankruptcy:

He got caught in a very large economic downturn. It's tough.

He went through over $50 million. Those real estate things will bite you.

Bengals linebacker Rey Maualuga on spending time in rehab this offseason:

No alcoholic beverages. I have cranberry and Red Bull. Ochocinco’s drink.

Red Bull’s ok, right? Nothing wrong with shots of sugar and caffeine, right? Well, that's what Ochocinco told me.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, on the rookie pay system:

I think a new rookie compensation system is critical.

I think that’s a no-brainer for the new labor agreement.

Lions top pick Ndamukong Suh on being in training camp on time:

Like I've always said, I hope and plan to be in training camp. Where the contract stands? I have no clue. My agents are handling that right now.

Don’t blame me when I hold out. Blame my agents.

Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall on the troubled party thrown by Michael Vick last weekend:

I wanted to officially take the time to mention I was not in Virginia yesterday for any events

That’s Mike problem. Leave me out of it.

Albert Haynesworth’s ex-wife, chiming in on his problems:

He thinks he's above everything. He feels like he's entitled. He's narcissistic.

I married him before he got that contract.

Bills coach Chan Gailey, on the team’s quarterback prospects:

We have three guys. Everybody still is going to have a chance to win the job.

We have no guys. Is Jim Kelly in shape?

Bills running back Marshawn Lynch, on an opposing division rival:

I'm probably not supposed to say that, but I'm excited to see what the Jets are going to do.

Hey Jets, if LaDanian’s legs are gone, I’m your guy!

Dolphins receiver Brandon Marshall on the coming season:

Probably going to be the best year I've ever had.

Financially going to be the best year I’ve ever had.

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