Lost in translation

In the never-slow NFL offseason, the quotes keep coming and I'll keep interpreting what they mean. Welcome to this week's edition of Lost in Translation:

Redskins coach Mike Shanahan, on his expensive problem child Albert Haynesworth:

I thought he did make the commitment once he took that check.

Darn that contract they gave this guy!

Patriots guard Logan Mankins, on his situation with the team:

Growing up, I was taught a man's word is his bond. Obviously, this isn't the case with the Patriots.

They patted me on the back and say how much they loved me. Now when the money’s involved, they don’t love me as much.

Patriots coach Bill Belichick, on Mankins’ comments:

Right now we're just focused on coaching the players that are here.

Logan can keep talking; I’m not going there.

Chargers general manager AJ Smith, on the public stances of RFAs Vincent Jackson and Marcus McNeill:

We lost a couple of great players today, and it hurts. We will now move forward and focus on the upcoming season.

They’ll be here.

Titans quarterback Vince Young, on being cited with misdemeanor assault following a videotaped fistfight at a strip club:

Just made a mistake even being there and let that guy provoke me into doing what I did.

Things were getting boring around here without Pacman!

Titans running back Chris Johnson, tweeting about his contract situation:

I can’t play for $550,000. I just hope they pay me, but I don’t know.

They just keep telling me they can’t do anything. I know they can. They just won’t. This doesn’t look good.

Buccaneers general manager Mark Dominik, on left tackle Donald Penn’s refusal to sign his tender offer with the team:

Obviously, I have a fondness of Donald Penn. I pulled him from Minnesota’s practice squad and I am proud of what he has done.

I rescued this guy’s career and this is how he repays me?

Brian Westbrook on finding a home for the 2010 season:

I want to go to a good football team, a team that can win.

I want to go to a football team that will pay me more than the offers I'm getting now.

Vikings coach Brad Childress, on Adrian Peterson missing mandatory minicamp compared to the Brett Favre situation:

Is everything equal? Obviously it is not. That is just the way it is. It's a matter of fact and everybody understands that on our side of the equation.

Brett can roll in here off the tractor anytime he likes. You think I want to play these other quarterbacks?

Dr. James Andrews, who performed surgery on Favre:

He's rehabbing and trying to decide what he's going to do.

He's rehabbing to be ready to play when he shows up in August.

Released running back LenDale White, admitting past drug use:

I smoked marijuana; that is all I have ever done. That’s all I do, that’s it. I smoke.

The weed didn’t hurt my career; just the munchies.

Bengals receiver Chad Ochocinco, returning to workouts after being absent for a while:

I just need everybody to trust in me like birth control.

I have no idea what that means.

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