The real meaning behind all those words

As we ease into April, much is being said around the NFL about various topics, from Santonio Holmes to LaDainian Tomlinson to Donovan. Let’s take a closer look in this edition of “What They Say and What They Mean,” with translations added.

Steelers president Art Rooney II, on the assault accusations against Santonio Holmes:

“We are disappointed to learn about the recent incident involving Santonio Holmes in Florida.”

First Ben Roethlisberger, now this. And he had a marijuana incident a couple of years ago. Geez, if Santonio wasn’t our best receiver, we’d let him go.

Browns president Mike Holmgren, on the arrest of Shaun Rogers on gun possession charges:

“We are aware of what transpired with Shaun Rogers. We will continue to gather additional information.”

This guy gets arrested at the airport with a loaded gun? We can’t have that. Now how I am going to trade him?

Javon Walker, on whether he agreed to return some of his salary to the Raiders after his poor performance:

“Everybody knows how Al Davis is. I offered to give it back and they said no.”

Everybody knows how Al Davis is. I knew he would say no before I asked.

Jets running back LaDainian Tomlinson, on his last season with the Chargers before being released last month:

“The things that happened in San Diego, everything was taken away from me. My best fullback was gone, the linemen were pass blocking and it was a passing quarterback and a passing coach.”

That 3.3 yards per carry last year? Not my fault.

Jets defensive back Antonio Cromartie, denying the $500,000 advance from the Jets was used to help defray paternity expenses for his seven children in five states with six women:

“The Jets wanted me to get all my off-the-field issues settled.”

The Jets said something about being less, uh, productive off the field and more productive on it.

Former Bears defensive end Alex Brown, speaking about the team on his Twitter account:

“I am extremely grateful for my time as a Chicago Bear and I wish the Bears the best.”

I knew I was gone the day they signed Peppers. Hopefully, this will make me look good on my way out.

Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher, on the release of Brown:

“God, that sucks. He's been our most consistent defender the last six or seven years.”

Man, the Bears could do this to me in a couple of years!

Giants quarterback Eli Manning, on rumors that the Eagles may be trying to trade Donovan McNabb:

“It's shocking that a guy who's been such an important part of their organization, that they’d want to get rid of him.”

Man, the Giants could do this to me in a couple of years!

Eagles running back LeSean McCoy, on the possible trade of McNabb:

“The thing is, we have three awesome quarterbacks, so whatever happens happens. But I support the decisions that those guys make.”

Hey, they just gave me the starting job when they cut Brian Westbrook. I’m not saying anything; I love everyone around here right now!

Chad Jackson, former highly touted second-round pick of the Patriots, on signing with the Bills:

“The Bills had been looking at me for a while, and I had the opportunity to come up and get a workout in and they obviously liked what they saw.”

It’s a minimum contract in Buffalo, but hey, that’s all that’s out there for me!

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