The real truth behind all those words

With a busy week in the NFL featuring the blockbuster trade of Donovan McNabb, here’s another edition of “What They Say and What They Mean”:

Donovan McNabb, on being traded away from the Eagles after 11 seasons:

“I felt I was treated fairly. Never had you heard me complain about the fans and media.”

I felt I was treated unfairly. I only complained about the fans and media in private.

Eagles coach Andy Reid, on whether other teams were involved in the McNabb trade negotiations:

“I'm not going to slight any other teams. I just know that he was fine with going to the Redskins.”

Hey, I won a lot of games with this guy. I let him be part of where we sent him.

Browns president Mike Holmgren, on the trade of McNabb within the division:

“I don't think it's ever a good deal to trade with a division rival. Andy's nicer than I am.”

I would have told Donovan he goes where we send him. Period.

McNabb, on why he was traded:

“They're rebuilding and they're going younger. I never knew 33 was old, but I guess I'm too old and they are going young.”

I have some good years left. They’ll see.

McNabb, on the possibility of a contract extension in Washington:

“That’s not my focus … I’ve landed here in Washington and I’m very excited about that.”

That’s my agent’s focus. Wish they could get out from under all that Haynesworth money.

McNabb, on his new start in Washington:

“I’m here and starting a new chapter in the book of Donovan.”

Hey, I was traded on Easter.

Titans coach Jeff Fisher, on Chris Johnson skipping the team’s offseason program while angling for a new contract:

“I think after a couple of more weeks he’ll start missing us. Plus, Chris is under contract.”

He’s not getting a new contract.

Fisher, on wide receiver Kenny Britt's attendance at the offseason program:

“Kenny Britt has been very, very inconsistent. But I expect Kenny to commit to the rest of the offseason program.”

He better get his butt here, and fast.

Kyle Orton, on his conversation with Broncos coach Josh McDaniels after the team acquired Brady Quinn:

“I told him I’ve never backed down from competition, and it really won’t change my mindset going into the season at all.”

There’s no way this guy’s going to beat me out.

Vikings president Mark Wilf, on the chances of getting public financing for a new stadium in Minnesota:

“We're competing with 31 other teams, of which 28 have new stadiums in the last 15 years or major renovations. We're fighting an uphill battle.”

Did I mention Los Angeles does not have an NFL team?

Jason Taylor’s agent, Gary Wichard, on signing with a new team:

“This is a guy that I can honestly say the contract is not a motivating factor. The only things that matter are winning, enjoying football and getting a Super Bowl ring.”

There’s not much of a market for him out there.

Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland, on Taylor re-signing with the Dolphins:

“Taylor and his agent know our stance. We have to evaluate things after draft.”

If we can’t replace him with a draft pick, we'll be in touch.

Jets running back LaDainian Tomlinson, on recruiting Taylor for the Jets:

“I pitched my part in trying to get him here.”

We’re trying to get a 2007 Pro Bowl reunion going here.

Bengals receiver Chad Ochocinco, on changing his name:

“It’s not just a name change. It’s a way of life now. It’s a brand.”

This name’s getting me deals I wouldn’t get as Chad Johnson. Show me the money!

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