Titans' Leroy Harris: 'You're going to be behind'

The negative impact of the NFL lockout appears to be particularly significant for teams with new coaches or those installing new schemes.

In the case of the Tennessee Titans, they're contending with both situations.

At least there's familiarity on offense with veteran offensive line coach Mike Munchak replacing coach Jeff Fisher.

They have a new offensive coordinator in Chris Palmer, though, and a new defensive coordinator in Jerry Gray.

“Obviously there’s going to be an impact on the season because guys aren’t getting work right now,” Titans offensive guard Leroy Harris told the Tennessean. “Not just individual work, but more like team work — receivers learning routes, and offensive linemen taking sets and getting looks at the defensive line.

“This is where you polish your tools a little, so that when training camp comes, you’re not trying to recover during the first week. You’re already in the flow and you can hit it at full speed. So from that aspect, you’re going to be behind.”

So, the Titans will have quite the learning curve.

“If we had the same defense, we could all get out here and do seven-on-sevens, do things together, even without the coaches,” Titans safety Michael Griffin said. “But right now, we just don’t know. That’s the hard part, not knowing the plays and not being able to get your teammates together and get everybody to work together.”

Added defensive end Dave Ball: “Overall, the quality of the game is going to suffer, but you’re going to have even great differences between the usual ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots.' It’s the teams like the Titans, with new coaching staffs, new schemes and all that … We’re going to end up suffering.”

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