Wednesday Whys

A quick note before this week’s Wednesday Whys. There was an item in the news that Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson was visited by Commissioner Roger Goodell on Tuesday in Charlotte following a recent heart transplant. Richardson, a man of class and grace, is doing well, thankfully. Having met him and seen him interact at league meetings and events, I’ve always been impressed at how evenly he treats people at all levels of organizations, how intently he listens to what people are saying, and how much he cares about his team, the league and the game. We at the Post wish him a continued speedy recovery.

Now, on to the Whys...

Why doesn’t Brett Favre make up his mind about signing with the Vikings already?

To all those who wish the 2009 version of the Brett Favre miniseries “Will He or Won’t He?” would end, it won’t. I’m a friend of Brett and admire much about him, but I have lived this for many years. My sense is that Brett would rather that someone else – in this case, the Vikings – make the decision for him rather than make it himself.

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