A Look at Adolphus Washington and Will Redmond

Adolphus Washington – DT – Ohio State Washington is a fourth-year senior and a two and a half year starter for Ohio State as a defensive tackle. He is a former 5-star recruit who has not lived up to that lofty 5-star rating. He is a good college player but not a top NFL prospect. Size – 6'4" – 292 – 5.20 (all estimates) Strong Points – Has good size and the frame to carry 300 – 305 without a problem. Shows good strength, can hold the point of attack. Flashes as a playmaker in both the run and pass game but is not a consistent playmaker. He is a consistent tackler who hits and wraps. Makes the plays he should make. Flashes some inside pass rush skills. Weak Points – Can be slow to find the ball, gets fooled by misdirection. Too often he is slow to shed blocks and get to play. Lacks pursuit speed and not see a consistent effort to chase the ball. Summation – In the tapes I viewed form 2014 and 2015, Washington is just a guy. He does nothing special. He is big and can hold the point, but he does not make a lot of plays. Shows he can two gap and keep blockers off linebackers. Will occasionally get penetration to disrupt the run but not anywhere near as often as he should/could. He has only average instincts and can be slow to find the ball…he will get fooled by misdirection plays. Can flash as an inside pass rusher but again he is too inconsistent. Overall, he has the physical tools to be a fairly good player. He lacks the consistent effort and toughness required. His lack of top instincts will always hurt his game. Has enough tools to make a team and be a backup but I don’t see a guy who will ever become a solid starter.   Will Redmond – DC – Mississippi State Listed as a senior but did not play as a true freshman in 2012. May have another year of eligibility. Has been a regular for the last two seasons. Listed as being six feet tall but doesn’t look it. Size – 5'10" – 185 – 4.49 (all estimates) Strong Points – Tough and competitive. Has the required quickness and suddenness. Stays low in his pedal and can turn and run. Has good footwork and no wasted steps with his transition. Is quick to close. Can play press man, off and zone. Feisty guy who will come up to support the run. Plays the ball well. Weak Points – Lacks ideal strength and can be slow to shed. Inconsistent tackler, again because he lacks top upper body strength. Is quicker than fast and will lose some foot races on deeper balls. Summation – Redmond has some tools to work with but he is a long ways away from being a complete corner. Is quick and sudden with a burst and has fairly good to end speed but he is not a burner. He is tough and will compete but his lack of top strength hurts. Can be slow to shed and will miss some tackles. Shows he can play press and zone and reacts well to the ball in the air. He is a very willing run support guy but his lack of strength shows up to often. Overall I see him as being an eventual nickel corner, don’t see him being able to play outside in the NFL.  Needs to get stronger in the upper body. When he gets the strength, he looks to have good special team’s potential.    

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