Breaking Down DC Mackensie Alexander and RB Aaron Green

Mackensie Alexander – DC – Clemson Size – 5102 – 192 – 4.45 (All Estimates) Strong Points – Excellent athlete with speed, body control, quick feet and change of direction. Cocky attitude on the field. Very competitive…wants to shut receivers down. Has not given up a TD pass in 24 games. Excellent press cover guy. Has the strength to re-route receivers. Very good ball reactions and hands. Teams seldom try to attack him. Good run support player and a sure tackler. Very quick in transition. Weak Points – Can get caught out of position at times. No career interceptions (teams don’t throw at him). Lacks ideal corner height. Fast but not a 4.40 type. Summation – Third year sophomore entering the Draft. This guy loves to play. Takes pleasure in shutting down top receivers. Is best as a press cover guy with a strong jam and excellent mirror skills. Very competitive. Get anywhere near the red zone and he is on his man like glue. Very good in off and zone. Reacts very well to the ball in the air. As quick as there is breaking on the ball. Will come in and start right away for any team in the NFL. Should be one of the first two corners drafted.   Aaron Green – RB – TCU Size – 5105 – 203 – 4.48 (All Estimates) Strong Points – Initial quickness, vision, run instincts, decision making, speed and burst, elusiveness, pass routes and hands, willing to block Weak Points – Size, strength and power. Not consistently effective as a blocker, yards after contact, inside run. Summation – Transfer from Nebraska. Aaron is very productive within the TCU system, but he has limitations as far as playing at the NFL level. He is small and plays small. He is not a tough inside runner and can’t get much after contact. He is quick, fast, elusive and very good in the open field. He has good hands and is a reliable receiver.  Will be best as a situation. Change of pace type player but won’t be a fulltime player. Late pick.  Follow Greg on Twitter @greggabe

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