Breaking Down DS Jeremy Cash and OT Jason Spriggs

Jeremy Cash – DS - Duke Cash is a fifth-year senior and a three-year starter. He originally signed with Ohio State and played in five games for the Buckeyes in 2011. Transferred to Duke and had to sit out the 2012 season. Has been a starter at the “Strike” safety position which is a hybrid safety/linebacker type role. He had 10.5 tackles for loss and 5.5 sacks in 2014.  He had 101 tackles, 18 tackles for loss and 2.5 sacks this season. Has six career interceptions. Size – 6'2' – 213 – 4.60 (all estimates) Strong Points – Very productive, seems to always be around the ball. Good athlete with instincts. Good tackler. Plays well in zone coverage. Effective as a blitzer. Very good run support player. Has the frame to get bigger. Had recent wrist surgery that will have to be checked out. Weak Points – Don’t see good top end speed. Needs to get stronger and a little bigger to be effective at the next level. Seldom see in man coverage. Summation – Cash is a very productive three-year starter. He lines up as the fifth defensive back and is used as a hybrid safety/linebacker. He is very instinctive and makes a lot of plays. He is best as a run support player and a pass rusher (blitzes). When in coverage he is mostly used in zone and plays underneath routes well. He lacks the speed, hips and suddenness to be a top man cover guy. He has good ball reactions and has totaled six career interceptions. Overall, I feel he will be used as a nickel linebacker at the next level. Needs to get a little bigger and stronger. I doubt he will be used as a true safety because of his limitations.   Jason Spriggs – OT – Indiana Spriggs is a fourth-year senior and a four-year starter for the Hoosiers at left tackle. He is a former three star recruit with most of his offers coming from MAC level teams. He has been very durable with over 40 college starts. He missed two starts as a junior in 2014. Size – 6'6" – 312 – 5.35 (all estimates) Strong Points – Four year starter, productive in their scheme. Tall with long arms. Tough and competitive, will look to finish. Straight line quickness. Has the frame to get bigger. Is a very aware player. Weak Points – Not a natural bender and can get tall, has limited lateral agility and recovery quickness. Lacks snap though his hips. Plays with adequate strength, not overly explosive. Not consistent getting to the second level. Summation – Spriggs is a tough, competitive four-year starter at left tackle. He is productive in the Indiana scheme but he has some limitations. He is just an adequate athlete who lacks top change of direction and recovery quickness. He is not a natural bender and has a tendency to get tall. He is better in tight spaces than in space. He can be inconsistent getting to the second level and adjusting on the move to a moving target. That said, he has some tools to work with. He needs to add strength and bulk and work on his knee bend. Overall, he is not a left tackle in the NFL. May be best suited to play guard and could play right tackle if he gets bigger and stronger. Is more of a developmental type who will be primarily a backup but could start down the road in the right situation. There are a lot of guys like him playing in the league. Will get by because of his smarts, awareness and toughness.

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