Breaking Down DS Miles Killebrew and DT Matt Ioannidis

Miles Killebrew – DS – Southern Utah Size – 6016v – 219v – 4.58(Est) Strong Points – Excellent size to go along with very good overall athletic ability. Light on his feet, can change direction and run. Big hitter who can be a force against the run and a very good tackler. Flashes man to man coverage skills. Weak Points – Plays at a lower level of comp. Not instinctive, can be late reacting to the pass and that causes him to get out of position and give up plays. Just average receiver awareness. Summation – He will test off the charts and that could get him drafted high, but until he improves his route recognition and receiver awareness he won’t see the field except for special teams. Because of his size, some clubs may use him as a nickel linebacker and keep him in the box. Then his coverage responsibilities will be mainly on underneath routes which he can handle. His physical traits will get him drafted higher than he deserves.   Matt Ioannidis – DT – Temple Size – 6036v – 303v – 5.25(Est) Strong Points – Tough and competitive. Strong. Quick off the ball. Has quick reactions and is around the ball. Makes plays in the run game. Tackling. Weak Points – As big as he is going to get. Gets tall out of his stance. Inconsistent ability to shed blocks. Can have trouble with double team blocks. Just average as a pass rusher. Summation – A fourth year senior and a two year starter as well as being a two year Co –Captain. Very tough and competitive but he has limitations. Not a top athlete and while he is quick off the ball, he has a tendency to get tall. Not consistently quick to shed blocks. Will chase in pursuit but very average speed. Does not do much as a pass rusher other than get a bit of a push. Will be a role player at the nest level and is best suited to play a 0 or 1-technique in a 4 man front. Follow Greg on Twitter @greggabe

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Aug 4th, 8:00 PM

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Aug 11th, 7:00 PM

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Tennessee +2.5 -110

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