Breaking Down Jarran Reed, A'Shawn Robinson and Andrew Billings

Jarran Reed – DT – Alabama Former Junior College transfer who is a two year starter for Alabama at defensive tackle and nose tackle. Size – 6034 – 315 – 5.20 (all estimates) Strong Points – Good size, long arms, very strong, has good quickness and balance to go along with adequate agility and change of direction. Good instincts, finds ball, makes plays in the run game. Use hands, shed blocks, very good competitor. Weak Points – Lacks speed, not a pass rusher (2.0 career sacks), limited to being a base down player at the next level Summation – Starting interior defensive linemen. Mostly plays both on the nose and over the guard. Has some snaps at the 5-techique. He is big, strong and powerful and a very good run down player. He is quick to find the ball, has good anticipation and makes plays in the run game. Lacks the speed, top quickness and burst to be a pass rusher. Does nothing more than push the pocket. Should be a starter at the next level but will be limited to being a rundown player only. Can play nose in a 3-4 or defensive tackle in a 4-3.   A’Shawn Robinson – DT – Alabama The former 5-star recruit is a third year junior and a two year starter for Alabama. All indications are that he may enter the 2016 NFL Draft. Size – 6040 – 315 – 5.00 (all estimates) Strong Points – Great size with bulk and length. Very strong. Can two gap or play in a gap. Good instincts, finds the ball, makes plays. Aggressive demeanor on the field. Knows how to use his hands and is quick to shed blocks. Has good lateral agility and will chase the ball. Good snap reaction with an above average first step. Weak Points – Not an explosive guy in that he lacks quick twitch and top end speed. Just an adequate pass rusher who is more of a bull rusher. Not good at putting moves together. Had 5.5 sacks as a freshman and has 3.0 to date this year, but they are more cleanup-type sacks. Summation – A versatile defensive lineman in that he can play in a 4-3 or a 3-4. Can play anywhere along the line in a 3-4 scheme. Is best as a rundown player but he can give you something as a pass rusher. Until he perfects his pass rush skills he will be limited to being a rundown player early in his career. Has the skillset to come in and start as a rookie and contribute. Is competitive and plays hard. Has a bright future in the league. Won’t be a Pro Bowl type player but more of a solid starter.   Andrew Billings – DT – Baylor Billings is a third year junior defensive tackle and a two year starter. Plays mostly as a nose tackle in the Baylor scheme. Size - 6014 – 300 – 5.05 (all estimates) Strong Points – Two year starter, strong, good snap reaction, flashes versus the run. Weak Points - Lacks ideal size, tight in the ankles and hips, not play with a lot of bend, can be slow off blocks, not instinctive, slow to find ball.  Not a pass rusher, hand use, shed. Summation - Perhaps the most disappointing player I have seen to date this season. Gets a lot of publicity and said to be a top player, but I don’t see that on tape. My biggest concern is he is not instinctive and is slow to find the ball. While he has power and can get penetration, he doesn’t make a lot of plays. Is not much of a pass rusher as he lacks moves and lacks good hand use. Overall, he should stay in school and work on his game. Lacks the size to play in a 3-4 front and lacks the quickness and redirection needed as a 4-3 defensive tackle. His lack of instincts will really limit him at the next level. Follow Greg on Twitter @greggabe

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