Howie Roseman: Trying to make the most of his second chance

In the world of the NFL, it’s not often that a high level executive gets a second chance, especially with the same team. Howie Roseman the Eagles Executive Vice President of Football Operations was the Eagles General Manager until just over 13 months ago. He lost his title to then Head Coach Chip Kelly in a very public (on Kelly’s part) power struggle. The truth is, Roseman really lost control the day Kelly was hired. Kelly had final say in the draft and final say over the 53 man roster. With that control. Kelly was not about to listen to Roseman. Roseman’s drafts in 2012 and 2013 were strong but when it came to the 2014 draft, Kelly had final say on who was drafted. The board was set by the coaches not the scouting staff and the same held true in 2014 and 2015. As we have seen, the Eagles did not have strong drafts in those years. The same thing can be said for the free agent signings. A lot of money was spent, but there wasn’t much to show for the money spent. In December of 2015 when Kelly was fired and Roseman regained control of the club, things changed. We have seen this week what those changes have meant. In quick order, the mistakes of the Kelly regime have been sweep out of Philadelphia and the roster is very quickly gone through a transformation. While in “exile”, Roseman spent the year studying the roster and learning new ways in which to improve his management style. Part of that was a new approach to free agency and the draft. Veteran players who were of value have been signed to extensions, and others have been brought in. Corner Leodis McKelvin was signed after he was made a cap casualty by the by the Buffalo Bills. McKelvin was a key player for new Defensive Coordinator Jim Schwartz when he was in Buffalo. The big moves were done in the last few days. Players who were brought in by Kelly and who were over paid and underperformed were moved out. Just the fact they Roseman was able to get rid of the players and the poor contracts was a feat in and by itself. To be able to get something for the players in return was a huge bonus that will play off for the Eagles come Draft Day. Corner Byron Maxwell and Kiko Alonzo were traded to Miami for a swap of the clubs first round picks. That doesn’t sound like much, but Miami had the eighth pick in the Draft. That pick now belongs to the Eagles and gives Philly a lot of flexibility come Draft Day. The Eagles can stay at eight and draft one of the premiere players in the draft or they can trade down a few spots and pick up a second round pick as part of the trade. As of now the Eagles don’t hold a second round pick. In another trade, the Eagles were able to trade disgruntled running back DeMarco Murray and his huge contract to Tennessee for a swap of fourth round picks. Again, that doesn’t sound like a lot, but the Eagles got rid of a poor contract and get the second overall pick in the fourth round. That pick come Draft Day is gold. The fourth round is the first round of the third day of the draft. Clubs will restack their boards after the third round and that gives the clubs holding the first three or four picks in the fourth round a lot of options. Teams will overpay to get one of those picks which gives the pick great value, or the club can hold on to the pick and get one of the best players left in the draft. The Eagles were also able to make some key signings with the opening of free agency. They signed guard Brandon Brooks form the Houston Texans who has started 45 games and is just beginning to come into his own. Being that he is just beginning his fifth year, he has a lot of good football in front of him. Former Rams' safety Rodney McLeod was also signed. McLeod is known as a big hitter with good ball skills and will help upgrade the secondary. Like Brooks, he is a young players with upside. The other key deal of the day was the signing of quarterback Chase Daniel who was with Head Coach Doug Pederson in Kansas City. Daniel has long been thought of as one of the better backup quarterbacks in the NFL and gives the Eagles needed depth at the most important position on the roster. All told, the Eagles are in much better shape than they were a week ago. Still more work needs to be done and it’s imperative the Eagles have a strong draft, but none of this would have happened if Roseman wasn’t back in charge. He is going to try and make the most of a rare second chance. Follow Greg on Twitter @greggabe

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