NFL Prospect Focus: Bloomsburg University

The reason I write these reports is to keep you up to date on college players who have a chance to play in the NFL. This doesn’t just include the players from the schools in the major conferences but also kids who play at the smaller schools. The average fan might not know much, if anything, about these players but NFL scouts are at some of these schools almost daily during the fall. Today I'm focusing on two players from Bloomsburg University, a Division II school in Pennsylvania. This is the same school that All Pro guard Jahri Evans of the New Orleans Saints played for.

Larry Webster – Defensive End

Webster is an interesting prospect. He began his career at Bloomsburg as a basketball player and played that sport until the fall of 2012 when he joined the football team. He is a graduate student this year while playing his final year of eligibility.

Larry is a tall, lean guy who stands about 6’7 – 250. He is long and narrow and while he has the room to gain weight he won’t get that much bigger because of his narrow frame. Looking at 2012 tape, you can see how raw he is. He plays hard and is competitive, but he lacks instincts and does not react quickly. He has tendency to play tall versus the run and lacks good hand use. Still, he makes some plays because of his competitive nature. When he rushes the passer, he shows quickness and speed off the edge and flashes an ability to redirect. He is much taller and longer than anyone he plays against and the level of competition is very average. With his natural traits, he should be able to make plays. He was not a starter in 2012 but rather a role player and was in on all passing downs. Still, he was credited with 13.5 sacks.

I have only been able to look at 2012 tape so far, and I am excited to see how Larry improves this year. Through 4 games in 2013, Webster already has 6 sacks. When I get the tape, I look for a lot of improvement in his game. Because of his notoriety in the NFL scouting community, I expect that he will be invited to an All Star game. It is there where we will be able to get a better idea of his talent.

Brian Clark – Offensive Guard

I was able to view three tapes of Clark from 2012. He played tackle in the first one and right guard in the other two. With his size being in the 6’3 – 295 area, he is built like a guard, and that will be where he will compete for an NFL job.

Clark shows dominating ability at the DIvision II level. He is much stronger than many of his opponents and plays a physical game. As stated above, Bloomsburg is the same school that Jahri Evans played at. I had the opportunity to scout Evans while in college, and from a technical and physical viewpoint, Clark is more advanced than Evans. Evans was a much bigger person with better athleticism and flexibility. Evans got by on his natural talent at Bloomsburg, and when he went to an All-Star game, he showed his tremendous upside by competing on an even level with players from bigger schools.

As an athlete, Clark has quickness and fairly good change of direction. He has some tightness in his movement and shows average knee bend. He is strong, powerful, and consistently puts opponents on the ground at the D-II level. He has good hip snap, and that’s where he gets his power. In the run game, he generates movement on a consistent basis and shows he can pull, play in space, and get to the second level. In the pass game, he shows a good punch to control his opponent and has no problem anchoring versus D-II opponents. He has adequate feet and can slide and recover versus counter moves.

Clark dominates at a lower level of comp. He has adequate size and good strength. I need to see 2013 before I finalize my opinion. Like with Webster, I hope that Clark get invited to an All Star game where he can compete against players who play at a higher level of competition. I will write updates as I get 2013 tape.

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