NFL prospect focus: Reynolds and Seastrunk

Rashaad Reynolds – Corner – Oregon State

Size – 5110e – 190e – 4.51 e

Strong Points – three-year starter, good athlete, alert in zone, size

Weak Points – Not seeing really good play speed, has problems finding the ball when his back is to the ball, average run support and tackle, not seeing him play in press coverage.

Summation - Rashaad is a fifth year senior and a three year starter at right corner. He has good size and he has good athleticism but I don’t see really good top-end play speed. He plays like a 4.50 – 4.52 type. He has loose hips, can stay low in his pedal, and turns well. He does not take extra steps when in transition.

He plays in mostly off and zone coverage. In the five games I viewed, I don’t think I saw him in press once. He can get a little loose in off and zone and gives up too many underneath plays. He shows he can turn and mirror receivers on shorter routes, but I have seen him out run by some “go” routes . He has good ball reactions on plays in front of him, shows he can close and make interceptions. When his back is to the ball, he can struggle to find it. He is not an aggressive run support player, often waiting for the play to come to him. He shows average tackling skills, showing he can wrap, but he is not a big hitter. On tape, I have seen both backs and receivers break his tackles and he does have some misses. He can be a bit timid taking on blocks.

I can’t get excited about this player, He does flash and has some good movement skills, but he lacks top-end speed and is not very aggressive. I don’t see him ever being better than a third corner and I have to question his special teams' potential because of his lack of aggressiveness. I see him as a mid-to-late round pick, but if he has a strong workout at the Combine, he could go higher.

Lache Seastrunk – Running Back – Baylor

Size – 5093e – 205e – 4.47e

Strong Points - Speed, elusiveness, run instincts, breakaway ability, willing blocker

Weak Points - Yards after contact, not involved with the passing game, has missed two games and a part of a third this season

Summation – Lache is a fourth-year junior who is entering the Draft, He was a 2010 entry at Oregon and transferred to Baylor after his first year. He had to sit out the 2011 season as a transfer. He was a part-time starter and a rotation player in 2012 and a full-time starter in 2013. He still played in a rotation this past season. He missed two-and-a-half games this year with an injury.

Seastrunk is very quick, fast, and athletic. He is not very big. He is listed at being 5’10 – 210 but looks smaller. He has very good initial quickness and is quick to the hole. He has good run instincts/reactions and shows good jump-cut ability to an opening. Once he finds a seam, he shows a great burst. He runs low, but is not very powerful. He is not the type to move the pile, but he can break arm tackles. His yards after contact is just average. When he gets in space, most of his cuts are to the sideline, and he seldom cuts back to the inside. He is elusive in the open field and can make multiple defenders miss. With his speed and acceleration, he is a big play waiting to happen. When running outside, he is patient waiting for blocks and finding the open seam. He doesn’t always show that patience inside. As a pass blocker, he shows a willingness, but he is not consistently effective. He needs technique work and he doesn’t anchor well. As a receiver, he is seldom used. In four games I looked at, he was not thrown a pass, and he did not have a catch for the whole season. In 2012, he had nine receptions.

I don’t see Seastrunk as a number one back in an NFL offense. He can and will be effective as a role/rotational back. Clubs will have to find out about his hands because if he can’t catch, then he is a liability. He has not returned kicks, so it’s questionable if he has that skill. He may not go nearly as high as he thought he would because of his limitations.

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