NFP Prospect Focus: Gallik, Finney and Langford

Andy Gallik– CenterBoston College Strong Points Andy is a three year starter who makes all the line calls. He is tough and tenacious and an aggressive run blocker. He is good at making combo blocks and can get to the second level. BC often uses him to pull, and he is effective getting out in front of a back. He shows good hand use in pass protection and should also be able to swing over to guard. Weak Points He can get tall at times and needs to play with a bit more bend. he looks to have short arms, and that can hurt in the leverage game. He doesn't seem to have much growth potential. Summation Gallik may not look the best when he walks across the stage, but he is a tough, aggressive, and competitive player with no glaring weaknesses. He is smart, can play guard and can be the eventual leader of the O-Line. He will be a starter by his second year.   B.J. Finney – CenterKansas State Strong Points Finney has been a consistent four year starter for the Wildcats. He is tough, can use his hands, and knows how to play with leverage. He shows good mirror skills in pass protection and knows how to get and keep good position in the run game. Weak Points He is an average athlete who does not play with good bend. Without the bend, he doesn't always play as big as he measures. You don't see much snap in his hips on contact, and he doesn't consistently generate power. Because he has some athletic limitations and short arms,  I see him as a center only. Summation Others like this player way more than I do. I see a finesse center who doesn’t play as big as he measures and a limited athlete who struggles in space. He is smart, makes calls and can use his hands. He isn't playing with bend and that will hurt him vs NFL D-Linemen.   Jeremy Langford -RB - Michigan State 5115 – 211 (Senior Bowl) Strong Points Jeremy has adequate running back size and excellent timed speed. With the ball in his hand, he shows good vision and instincts. He is a reliable receiver with good hands and also shows he can pass block. Weak Points He shows only average initial quickness, he is not overly creative and does not play to timed speed. He has a tendency of running tall and he isn't an overly creative runner. He lacks good elusiveness, and I don't see a special trait. Summation He is a productive college back who lacks a special trait to carry him to the next level. he is a one cut north/south runner who gets what’s there but not much more. He'll pass block and is a reliable receiver. He is more of a backup who can play in a rotation but never a starter. He should have good special teams potential. Follow Greg on Twitter @greggabe

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