NFP Prospect Focus: Mid to Late Round Tackles

Corey Robinson – Tackle – South Carolina Strong points Robinson is tall, long and huge. He is a good athlete for his size and has better than adequate knee bend. He possesses good feet and balance and is seldom on the ground. With his size and length, he can be almost impossible to get around. He has good strength and is able to generate some movement with his run blocks with his size, bulk and power. Weak Points Robinson can get lazy with his hands, dropping them down, causing unnecessary movement on his part. While he shows he can bend, he will get tall at times and overextend. He is not the quickest guy and can be a little slow getting to the second level. While he looks very good at times, he doesn't consistently finish. With his size, he is naturally strong but he is not the most explosive guy. Summation I didn’t like this guy a year ago but he has come on and played much better in 2014. Plays left tackle at South Carolina and will be a right tackle in the NFL. He’s a massive sized man with fairly good athleticism. Most of his short comings are correctable with coaching. Has a chance to be an eventual starter if he keeps improving.   Rob CrispTackleNorth Carolina St. Strong Points He is a tall guy with length. He shows quick lateral movement and slide ability, can shift his weight, recover and come back the other way. He has good feet and shows he can play with bend. His overall athleticism is good for a tall guy. Weak Points Crisp has a bit of a narrow frame. Ne needs to add bulk and strength. he should be able to eventually get to about 310 pounds. His narrow frame prevents him from being real explosive and he can have some trouble with bull pass rushers. He has had a problem with durability and has missed time in each of the last two seasons. Summation He has the desired height and length but not the bulk and power. He’s hard working and fairly athletic and shows he can mirror in pass protection. Durability is a concern and he must get by the medical exam. I see him as a backup left tackle and guard, but he has marginal starter traits.   Eric LefeldTackleCincinnati Strong Points Eric has played a lot of football for Cincinnati, starting 42 games over the last four seasons. He is tall with good length to go along with the athleticism to mirror in pass protection and get to the second level with run blocks. He is a physical guy who goes all out on every play. His overall competitive nature is very good. Weak Points While he is tall and long, he has a narrow frame and lacks much growth potential. He tests well in the weight room and is strong but on the field you don't see top functional strength. This causes him to get stalemated too often. He can also have some trouble anchoring versus strong bull rushers. Summation Eric is a durable, tough competitor with limited natural traits. He just isn’t that big or powerful. Still, he is technically sound and has excellent football character. He’s draftable on his intangibles. I see him as a backup type who has to try and get bigger and stronger.   Chaz GreenTackle - Florida Strong Points Chaz is a big, tall guy with excellent length. Has played an adequate amount of football for Florida with 18 total career starts at both left and right tackle. He has shown improvement over his career and still has upside. Weak Points Durability has been an issue and he has missed games in three different seasons because of injury. He is not the most explosive guy and I don't see a lot of snap in his hips. His overall play strength and power is average, and I don't see him getting a lot of movement with his block. Summation He has the required height and length but needs to get bigger and stronger. He isn't explosive or powerful. He is alert and has position flexibility. Durability is an issue. He looks like a late pick and may need a year on the practice squad while he develops his strength.   Robert Myers – Tackle – Tennessee St 6050 – 329 (Senior Bowl) Strong Points Robert has the desired height and length for an NFL tackle. He has played well versus a lower level of competition. He shows adequate feet and short area quickness. Weak Points He plays at a lower level of competition and hasn't faced NFL caliber defensive linemen. That said, he struggled at the Senior Bowl against good players. He is too heavy and has a bit of a soft frame. He has the natural size but needs to get stronger and more explosive. Summation Productive at a lower level of competition but struggled when he got to the Senior Bowl and had to play against better competition. He is more of a developmental type who will need to restructure his body. He is heavy and loose now and needs to build up his strength. He will most likely play right tackle or guard. Follow Greg on Twitter @greggabe

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