Some writers think they know more about prospects than GM's

While scanning the Internet early today I came across a story in the St. Paul Pioneer-Press by Bob Sansavere telling a story about how Vikings GM Rick Spielman got a little upset with him because he wrote that Spielman would need a CAT Scan if he passed on USC tackle Matt Kalil. The question I have is when did Sansavere become a scout?

Just because he has read that most of the draftniks feel that Kalil should be the third pick in the draft doesn’t mean that they’re right. Draftniks don’t get paid to make choices in the draft. They have an opinion and write it but like I have said many times, their opinions aren’t always theirs. They are not professional scouts nor do they have the qualifications to be one. If any of these guys had to make a real choice and were held accountable for that choice they would be vomiting in an instant. They couldn’t stand up to the pressure.

I feel the same way towards newspaper writers who write opinions about something they know nothing about. How does Sansavere know that Kalil is the 3rd best player in the draft? He doesn’t, and I’m sure that he hasn’t watched five minutes of tape. I like Kalil and think he will be a good pro, but I’m not sold that he is even the best tackle in this darft let alone the third best player. In the tapes I have watched I like the physical way he plays the game, but he is also a straight-legged player who has trouble with wide speed and counter moves. He’s a tough kid, but he sure as hell isn’t going to be in the Pro Bowl any time soon.

When Spielman seemed to suggest that LSU corner Mo Claiborne may be a better choice, Sansavere got all worked up. How could Spielman think that way? Does Sansavere know what division the Vikings play in? In the NFC North, Green Bay's passing offense is a machine, Detroit has Megatron and Chicago just got Brandon Marshall. The Vikings better have some people who can cover.

I don’t have a clue who Spielman wants to take and frankly it’s none of my business. I have known Rick since he came into scouting and he is very capable. He will do what he feels is right for the Vikings. If that means taking Kalil he will. If it means passing on Kalil and taking Claiborne he will do that. It might mean he tries to trade down and get some extra picks. Whatever it is, he will be doing what he thinks is best. What he doesn’t need to hear is some writer who knows nothing about scouting telling him he needs a brain scan if he doesn’t take the guy the writer suggests.

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