The Weekend Review

After four weeks of college football and three weeks of the NFL game we know one thing, the game is as good as ever. As usual there have been surprises early in the season and we will see some teams in the playoffs that we didn’t expect a month ago but then again that’s the way it is every year. Alabama Many people including me thought Alabama would walk into the SEC Championship game this year but that isn’t and won’t be the case. From my seat, the main reason is the Crimson Tide is not getting good enough quarterback play. Granted they have as good a roster as any team in college football, but they are suffering at the most important position. Both Jake Coker and Cooper Bateman have taken snaps for Alabama this year and neither one has jumped out and played with much consistency. The main reason is turnovers. In four games (two of which were lightly regarded opponents) the duo has thrown six interceptions. IN the tough SEC West that just won’t get it done. The Tide travel to Georgia this week and if they don’t come out winners, it could be a long season in Tuscaloosa. The Polls I have never put too much stock into the two different college polls because I feel they are sometimes more of a popularity contests than an actual correct ranking of the college teams. This week again showed why I feel that way. In the coaches poll, Oregon was ranked 25th. How can any team that gives up 62 points and loses by 42 at home be a top 25 team? That is a total joke and makes a mockery of the poll. Granted, even though the coaches are supposed to vote, many don’t and have the football SID do the voting, it is still crazy to let this happen. In the writer’s poll, one voter kept two time loser Tennessee in the top 25 after they lost their game Saturday to Florida. He also moved Florida State who didn’t play up a few slots and had MAC team Toledo at 17. Not that I have any problems with Toledo, but no MAC school belongs in the top 20. If the writers aren’t going to make a honest effort to vote correctly then why have the poll in the first place? Tom Brady Tom Brady has long been one of the better quarterbacks in the National Football League. At 38 years of age, he may be on the way to his best season ever. Through three games, Brady has completed 96 of 133 throws for a 72% completion rate. He has thrown for 1112 yards, 9 touchdowns and no interceptions. If Brady stays healthy he could put up some of the best numbers ever seen in a season. Derek Carr Going into the 2014 NFL Draft, I had Derek Carr as my number one quarterback in that class.  Obviously some teams in the league had him rated differently as he was the fourth quarterback drafted behind, Blake Bortles, Johnny Manziel and Teddy Bridgewater. Though his rookie season and three games in to his second year I’ll stick with that rating. This year to date he has completed 57 of 90 passes for 725 yards with five touchdowns and only one interception. His stats are for really two games as he missed most of one game with an injury. He has a quarterback rating of 102 and is easily outplaying the other quarterbacks drafted ahead of him in 2014. Baltimore Ravens The biggest disappointment to date has to be the Baltimore Ravens. They have yet to win this C Joe Flacco is off to a horrendous start with only four touchdown passes in four games. He has also thrown four interceptions which in unusual for him. The ground game has also done poorly with only 219 yards in three games. Granted the Ravens are on their third offensive coordinator in three years and that could be part of the reason but we expected much more from them this season. Starting out 0-3 will make it very difficult if not impossible to make the playoffs this year. Follow Greg on Twitter @greggabe

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