Thursday review

Kansas City at Philadelphia

New Eagles Coach Chip Kelly and his high octane offense got a lot of positive reviews after beating up on Washington in week one of the NFL season. Since then the Eagles have been beaten twice at home and the positive reviews are a thing of the past. What happened?

First, we have since found out that Washington isn’t very good. After losing to Philly, they got blown out in Green Bay. Teams have also figured out that the best way to beat Philly is to win the time of possession battle. Last week, San Diego held on to the ball for 40 minutes. Thursday night, Kansas City had the ball over 39 minutes. Both teams have been able to run the ball and the Eagles' defense has not forced a turnover in two games.

Michael Vick may be the short term solution at Quarterback in Philly, but he won't be for the long term. For years, Vick has had a tendency to turn the ball over, with many of the turnovers coming on the opponent’s side of the 50 yard line. In 2011 and 2012, Vick threw 24 interceptions and had 14 fumbles. Thursday night, Vick threw two interceptions and had one fumble. If this continues, it may be time for Kelly to turn to Nick Foles or Matt Barkley.

The brain trust in Philly thought Andy Reid couldn’t coach anymore. Oh, how they were wrong! In a short time he has taken a team that had the worst record in the NFL a year ago to three wins in three games. I think that one of the reasons for this is the experience of the Chiefs' coaching and player personnel. Including Reid, Nine coaches on the KC staff have ten years or more coaching in the NFL. GM John Dorsey has 20+ years in scouting and Director of Player Personnel Chris Ballard has 13 years NFL experience. Don’t let anyone tell you differently, experience wins games in the NFL.

Philadelphia, on the other hand, has the least experienced staff in the league. There are only three coaches on the staff with ten or more years’ experience in the NFL. There are another seven who are either new to the league or have less than four years of coaching experience in the NFL. While I am certain that all of these men will become very good NFL coaches, it takes time to understand the nuances of the NFL. Chip Kelly will be a very successful NFL coach, but it may take a little longer than first thought.

Holmgren complains about the Richardson trade

Former Browns President Mike Holmgren was seething at the report that the Browns traded running back Trent Richardson to Indianapolis. He was quoted as saying that if he were coach, he would quit or make the team fire him for trading their best player. Holmgren was in Cleveland for three years. Why was a rookie running back averaging 3.6 yards per carry their best player? Why did he draft an injury prone power running back with a top five pick? While Richardson was a great college back, he did not have the special traits worthy of a top five pick. Why did he take a 29-year-old quarterback with no mobility in the first round? Why did he use a second round pick on a raw receiver with character flaws? His moves left Joe Banner and Mike Lombardi with an empty cupboard and it may take years to recover. Holmgren was a great coach but a poor front office executive. He either did not know how to evaluate or he didn’t take the time to evaluate properly. Either way he left Cleveland in worse shape than when he got there. He shouldn’t be questioning the trade.

Nick Saban to Texas

We are only in week 4 of the college season and the rumors are already floating. Texas has admitted that some regents talked to Saban’s agent about the Texas coaching job after last year’s National Championship game. A very reliable source told me that the Texas money people have asked if 100 million over 10 years will get the deal done. If Texas continues on its downward spiral, this will be Mack Brown’s last year in Austin and until Texas names a replacement, whose last name isn’t Saban, the rumors will continue.

Saban has already stated that he isn’t going anywhere, and he is too old to start over, but we can’t believe that. Don’t forget, Saban denied interest in Alabama until the deal was done. We should expect the same denials this time.

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