Weekend flashback

The playoff picture for this season is just about set. There will be a few games this weekend that have importance with the Detroit at Green Bay game deciding who wins the NFC North and who is a wild card entry. The Carolina at Atlanta game will determine who represents the sad NFC South.

Going into next Sunday’s games, all the NFC playoff qualifiers have no more than four losses. Philadelphia with six losses has been eliminated. Atlanta or Carolina will win the NFC South, and neither club will have a winning record going into the playoffs. The league needs to do something about division winners with losing records. A team with a losing record does not belong in the postseason. Plain and simple, they aren’t good enough!

In the AFC, Cincinnati’s exciting victory over Denver in driving rain means that their game at Pittsburgh on Sunday is for the AFC North title. While several clubs still have a mathematical chance to earn the final playoff spot, San Diego and Baltimore are the front runners. Both clubs need to win this weekend, and if they do, San Diego would get in because they won the head to head matchup. A Baltimore win and a San Diego loss puts the Ravens in.

If both clubs lose, then Houston and Kansas City enter the equation. Needless to say, they would need wins and help to earn the final spot. We will look at all the scenarios in the coming Sunday preview.

The Chicago Bears Situation

The Bears situation gets uglier by the day. Ever since offensive coordinator Aaron Kromer got caught leaking information to the press, there has been leak after leak at Halas Hall with someone being thrown under the bus almost every day. It is disturbing that Kromer got chastised for talking to the NFL Networks Ian Rapoport, while it has become very obvious that two network color commentators got their information directly from head coach Marc Trestman.

Both ESPN’s Jon Gruden and CBS’ Rich Gannon have worked recent Bears' games. Both have worked with/for Marc Trestman in the past and both have been extremely critical of Jay Cutler, while at the same time not making any critical comments of the job Trestman has done. I am not sticking up for Cutler. His poor play speaks for itself, but for those two to only criticize Cutler, while at the same time not mentioning how poorly coached this Bears team has been lacks credibility.

I have been around the NFL since 1981 and this is the worst coached and least prepared team I have ever seen. To make the mental mistakes this Bears' team makes this late in the season is not acceptable. The players claim there is no accountability and no leadership, and that is why some of these things are happening.

Right now, what is happening to the Bears is similar to what happens to every NFL team when the ship starts to sink. Everyone is trying to protect themselves, while at the same time blaming others. It is almost embarrassing to watch given that everyone knows that is exactly what is happening. No one is even being discrete.

Yesterday, injured kicker Robbie Gould told 670 the Score in Chicago that the goings-on in the locker room and in public, “is not the Bears' way”. He particularly mentioned that the coaches aren’t consistent with the way the coaches hold the players accountable. I can’t predict the future, but I expect that at this time next week we will know that changes are being made inside the Bears organization. What we can’t figure out now, is how many changes will actually be made. Stay tuned.

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Upcoming Games

Jan 30th, 3:00 PM

Cincinnati +7 -110

Kansas City -7 -110


Jan 30th, 6:30 PM

San Francisco +3.5 +100

LA Rams -3.5 +100