Five Tips To Have A Successful Fantasy Football Draft

Fantasy Football fans rejoice, it is that time of year again! Preseason football is in full swing, and Fantasy Football drafts are underway. While preparing for your draft, it is critical to have as much information as possible and to come prepared. With that said, if you are looking to take the championship in your respective league this year, there are a few things that you might want to think about before your draft and during your draft. 

I have been playing Fantasy Football for almost 10 years now, and there are key lessons I have learned from the past that have helped me succeed in the future. Whether you are a novice or have been playing for as long as I have, these are a few reminders so you can reach your utmost potential during the Fantasy Football season. Here are my five tips to having a successful Fantasy Football season this upcoming year.

1. Strongly Consider Drafting Consistent Players

This is a pet peeve for me because oftentimes a player will come up and have numbers that are great, then as you look closer, you'll realize they got those numbers inconsistently. I like to call these players the "feast or famine" players because one week they will give you 15 points, then the next week they only get you three points. This can be detrimental to your team on a weekly basis because you never know which week the player will perform. Drafting a player who consistently gets a solid amount of points week in and week out will make life much easier for you.

2. Have A List Of Sleeper Picks

This might seem like common sense to the veteran Fantasy Football players, but this advice is more aimed towards to newer players. The great aspect about the sleeper pick is you can usually pick them in the late rounds and if they turn out to be a great pick up, you look like a genius. Last year, Kelvin Benjamin and Martellus Bennett were both my sleeper picks, and this year I am going with Arizona Cardinals' John Brown and Chicago Bears' Eddie Royal as my sleeper picks. Have your sleeper picks ready, and don't be afraid to draft them in the later rounds.

3. Draft A Productive Tight End Because They Are Game Changers

I know what you're thinking, ''why wouldn't I draft a productive tight end?'' The answer is simple, because productive tight ends are very rare to come by. There's Rob Gronkowski, Jimmy Graham, Greg Olson and a few other good fantasy players, but the rest don't come close to the numbers these guys will produce. Considering that tight ends are few and far between, it is wise to consider drafting a tight end earlier rather than later.

4. Pick A Handcuff Player In The Later Rounds

Every single year, there is that one player that steps up and delivers when the guy ahead of them misses games. Last year, Baltimore Ravens running back Justin Forsett was that guy. Ray Rice didn't play a down last year due to his unforgivable offseason actions last year, and Forsett came up big. Every year a player goes down with an injury (or a scandal) and the next guy has to step up. If there's a player who has a history of injuries, it might be wise to consider drafting the guy behind them just in case.

5. Be Prepared

This is arguably the simplest piece of advice, but is also the most critical. You don't want to be that person who is on cloud nine because he drafted Jordy Nelson in the late rounds, but then realize later that he's out for the season with a torn ACL. (I'm sure that won't be you...right?) It goes without saying that knowing who is injured or suspended is important, and having a game plan is key to success. Furthermore, I personally like to have a tab open on my computer to check on any player who I might consider drafting so I know if they just recently got injured or demoted at their position.
Fantasy Football is an art form. Knowing who to draft and when to draft them is key, but no one knows what the upcoming season will hold. Staying on top of players and doing some homework on the players you would like to draft will be essential during your draft. Following these simple tips will help you become a force to be reckoned with in your respective league. Just remember these five tips and you will have a successful draft. Best of luck!

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