Here's Johnny 2.0

When Johnny Manziel was drafted out of Texas A&M, he was in no way shape or form ready to be a starting NFL quarterback, and he showed it through his play last season. Although some persisted that other factors were to blame for his lack of success, Johnny  Manziel himself knew he had to change on and off the field. He marked the death of "Money Manziel" and the birth of the new and improved Johnny 2.0 by retiring the money sign. This move, although symbolic, suggested that he was now ready to learn how to be an NFL quarterback, while still playing to the strengths that got him there. His preseason success is evident of this, as he's throw 160 yards and scored two touchdowns in limited playing time. 

The old Johnny's biggest inhibitor last season was his lack of awareness, an area in which he drastically improved. In week 1 of the preseason he showed that he could adapt to NFL situations in which he would scramble last year. He threw numerous good check down passes and hot routes, which you can see at 0:42 and 0:51. However, he did scramble when appropriate to do so. In these scenarios, Manziel did a good job of keeping his eyes downfield and holding off the compulsion to run, which you can see at 0:13. He also seemed to have a much better understanding of which lanes to run through; as you can see from his 12 yard touchdown run at 0:22. 

His speed and scrambling ability have always been assets that he should take advantage of, but developing vision and awareness are critical when doing so for success at the NFL level. His decision making on the field has improved without a doubt, but so has his decision making off the field. 

Making the bold decision to check into rehab and put an end to his childish antics  shows that the new Johnny is much more mature and is ready to be a starting NFL quarterback. The Browns may give Johnny the opportunity to start this season or they may see fit for him to learn more behind veteran quarterback Josh McCown. Nevertheless, with the amount of work Johnny has put in over the offseason to improve as a person and as a football player, he has shown that he can be the long term solution the Browns hoped he could be. Money Manziel took over college football, and Johnny 2.0 is ready to do the same in the NFL.

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