"Miracle On Techwood": By The Numbers

Wow. What a game, what a finish. There was so much emotion swirling around this game; Georgia Tech absolutely needed this win, and Florida State couldn’t afford to lose. On a five game losing streak, Tech entered an electric white-out Bobby Dodd stadium, on Homecoming no less, and came away with one of the most improbable wins of the season. This is why fans love college football. Here are some of my favorite numbers from the game.

82: rushing yards Tech’s defense held Dalvin Cook to. Cook entered this game with a slight hamstring injury, but appeared to be alright as Florida State fed him the ball early. Perhaps it was due to his injury, perhaps not, but oddly enough Cook did not get a carry in the second half until a minute into the fourth quarter. There’s no question that Cook is FSU’s best player, and one of the major reasons Tech was able to come out on top was his poor performance. 

13: number of blocked kicks Georgia Tech had coming into the game since 2013, the most in the nation. Update that stat to 14. This is one of the little-known, surprising stats about this team, but it should definitely be in the limelight now.

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0: Number of Roberto Aguayo misses in the fourth quarter in his career coming into tonight. This number is insane. In three years, this man has never missed a fourth quarter kick. That is the absolute definition of clutch. The former Lou Groza Award winner is 60/67 (89.6%) in total for his career. This is a guy who probably remembers every miss because there are so few. He will definitely remember this one for a long time, whether he wants to or not. 

0: Number of kicks Aguayo has ever had blocked before tonight. Lots of firsts happened for Aguayo on Saturday night. In 67 field goal attempts spanning three years, he’s never had one blocked. What a time for it to happen. 

ESPN's Mark Jones follows up an all-time great play with all-time great call. What a time to be alive.

00:00: time that Georgia Tech led in the game. This is another mind-blowing stat. Tech went a full 60 minutes without a lead. The clock hit zero at about the moment Lance Austin picked up the ball.

28: straight ACC games that Florida State had won coming into this one. Over the last three years, Florida State has been unquestionably the most successful and dominant ACC team. In that span, they won three ACC Championships and one National Championship. With Clemson looming ahead on their schedule, Florida State looks to be giving up their recent ACC dynasty. 28 straight conference wins is a streak that no team is likely to match in the near future. 

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1,113: days since Florida State’s last ACC loss, Oct. 6, 2012. For some perspective, here are some things that happened in 2012: the Summer Olympics were held in London, Hurricane Sandy hit the East coast, Barrack Obama was re-elected as president, Felix Baumgartner completed his record-breaking space jump, and "Gangnam Style" was an international hit. The clock starts back at one today. 

0: Everett Golson turnovers in 2015 before this game. Golson went the first six games of the season committing zero turnovers and playing brilliantly. Without a doubt, his first turnover of the season came at the worst possible time. Facing a third and goal from the 10 yard line with about 8:00 remaining in the fourth quarter and a three point lead, Golson was intercepted in the end zone by Jamal Golden. With a touchdown, Florida State likely wins the game. With an incomplete pass followed by a field goal, Florida State likely wins the game. Even if Golson commits no turnovers for the rest of the season, this one stings. 

Thoughts on the Game

Who could’ve predicted that this game would turn into a tightly-contested defensive battle? Certainly not me. This was a wild game to watch, and Bobby Dodd was absolutely electric from the start to well-past the finish. It was truly a sight to behold. In fact, the raucous crowd ended up causing a couple of costly late-game false start penalties for the Noles. 

Ultimately, it was the Seminole offense that lost them the game. They only put together one touchdown drive, and it was just two yards long (after a long interception return). They struggled to move the ball effectively all game, and only ended up with 280 total yards. Tech put constant pressure on Everett Golson all night, preventing him from scoring a touchdown for the first time in a game this season. They also managed to sack Golson three times. 

Moving forward, Florida State should recover fine against a weak Syracuse team next week, but Clemson is looming large on Nov. 7th. After watching FSU lose this game and Clemson obliterate Miami just a few hours prior, I give the Seminoles almost no chance to win the Atlantic (and therefore the ACC) this season. They still should make a great bowl game, but this has to be a huge disappointment to Nole Nation after high hopes of making the College Football Playoff for the second straight year. 

For Tech, this game could be the spark they need to get the ball rolling and get hot. They are soundly favored in their next three games against Virginia, Virginia Tech, and Miami. With UGA’s team in shambles, the Jackets have a decent chance at closing out the season 5-0 and making a bowl.

No matter how the rest of the season turns out for either team, this game will live on in infamy for Florida State and as a legend for Georgia Tech. I am beyond proud to have been a part of it; this is easily my best memory at Bobby Dodd Stadium ever. The final play is an easy candidate for play of the year, right up there with Michigan State's blocked punt. Paul Johnson describes it best, without using any words:

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