NFL Insider Picks: Opening Night 2015

The following Week 1 pick is the average score as selected by the staff of The Sports Quotient. If you think this game will have a different outcome, let us know in the comments! The remaining Week 1 picks will be posted Saturday, September 12.

Pittsburgh Steelers



New England Patriots

The opening of the NFL season couldn't be more representative of the problems the league faces. Tom Brady is starting for the New England Patriots after his suspension for having "general awareness" of deflated footballs was overturned. Both starting running backs for each offense, as well as Steelers' wide receiver Martavis Bryant are suspended under the league’s substance abuse policy. And Ben Roethlisberger is starting, and let's not forget his alleged sexual assault case. But after a long offseason of deciphering the scientific garble from Bill Belichick’s press conference, balls jokes and courtroom sketches, it’s time for the on-field drama to begin. And this should be a good one, as it could be a preview of two teams who could be facing off again in the playoffs. But, for now, both teams are without major pieces on offense, and the defenses are still grooming replacements after some major offseason departures. With no running game for either team, this one will become even more passing centered. Kick your feet up and enjoy the game, because football is finally back. (Austin T)

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