Broncos make the right move with Bailey

The Broncos made the right call today when they resigned CB Champ Bailey to a four-year extension. Even with Bailey turning 33-years old this summer, the Denver CB is still a top talent at the position. A legit player that can line up outside of the numbers and produce.

Champ BaileyICONDenver’s Champ Bailey can still win and produce at the CB position.

An elite talent, such as a Revis or an Asomugha? Probably not at this stage of his career, but if I am a defensive coordinator, I have no issue lining up Bailey across from a Vincent Jackson and Dwayne Bowe in the AFC West or any other No.1 WR in the NFL. Third downs and in the red zone (where corners make their money), Bailey can still win from both a press and an off-man position.

And he still has the footwork and the technique that will carry him once his legs start to slow down. He is an ideal player to watch on tape, because of how he uses his hands, glides in his backpedal and turns his hips to run in the vertical game. And I hope younger corners in the league spend some time this offseason studying his game.

I played with Champ back in Washington and I still see that same technique today. That’s why he is worth the investment, because he treats the game like a pro.

And having veteran talent is key for new head coach John Fox. Players like Champ are easy to coach. They set examples for young talent on the roster and show rookies how to prepare for Sundays. The Broncos need that once we finally get into the 2011 offseason.

I am curious to see the numbers of the deal once they come out, but I would have a hard time arguing the amount because I know what veteran talent does to a defense: it raises the level of play starting in training camp.

Smart move by John Elway and the Broncos.

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