Will Kaepernick Play With an NFL Team This Season and Other Random Props

Will Colin Kaepernick be with an NFL Team in 2019?

Yes      +350     (7/2)

No         -500     (1/5)


Rob Gronkowski – Total Starts in the 2018 Regular Season

Over/Under                               13.5


Jordan Reed – Total Starts in the 2018 Regular Season

Over/Under                               10.5


Which running back will have the most rushing yards in 2018 for the New England Patriots?

Rex Burkhead               2/3

Sony Michel                  8/5

Jeremy Hill                    5/1

James White                 5/1

Mike Gillislee                 25/1

Data provided by Bovada

Two Madden Competitors Killed in Shooting at Jacksonville Tournament

Normally GLHF stands for “Good Luck, Have Fun,” a positive message in often-toxic game chats. It’s a statement that represents gaming in the best way and is emblematic of what the owners of GLHF Game Bar were hoping for when the venue hosted a Madden Classic Qualifier attended by many of the best players in the world.

Instead, the bar experienced one of the worst tragedies in gaming history. On Sunday, a competitor in the Madden tournament at the bar in the Jacksonville Landing Complex took out a handgun and opened fire.

Three people are dead, including the gunman. The other two victims were Eli “Truboy” Clayton and Taylor “SpotMePlzzz” Robertson who were both competing at the event. Robertson, best known as “SpotMe” in the community was the Madden Classic 2017 Champion, the event the two players were trying to qualify for in this tournament.

11 other attendees were injured according to the Jacksonville Police Department. The injured people included oLarry2K, a player for Bucks Gaming in the NBA 2K League who underwent surgery Monday after being shot three times. He is unsure whether he will be able to continue playing video games after the surgery.


Other Madden players were also injured including Complexity Gaming’s Drini Gjoka who was hit in the thumb. There is a video of the incident that includes a horrific moment with one of the victims competing in the game when a red dot from a laser sight appears on his chest. I will not link the video because of its graphic nature.

The motive is not yet clear, but the shooter – David “Bread” Katz of Baltimore – won Madden tournaments in 2017 and considered himself one of the “best players in the game.” He competed for the Buffalo Bills in the 2017 season of the Madden Club Championship.

EA CEO Andrew Wilson released a statement Monday afternoon that said in part:

“First and foremost, it is an unthinkable tragedy that Taylor Robertson and Elijah Clayton, two of our top Madden competitors, lost their lives in this way. They were respected, positive and skilled competitors, the epitome of the players and personalities at the heart of our community.  Their love of competition was evident through their participation in our events over the past few years.  We are committed to supporting Taylor and Elijah’s families through this difficult time, and we send our deepest sympathies to their loved ones, to those injured yesterday, and everyone affected.”

The statement went on to say that the subsequent Madden Classic Qualifiers have been canceled until the company runs a comprehensive review of safety protocols.

After the event, an outpouring of support has surfaced for the families of the victims. A GoFundMe was set up by esports organization Gankstars and non-profit Joint Forces Operative to help cover medical and funeral expenses. In addition, Optic Gaming will be holding a Madden live stream from 2 PM to 8 PM CT on Friday with all donations going to aid the families of the victims.

Preseason Week Four Spreads

As we prepare for the final week of preseason, bettors have their last chance to put some money down on wildly unpredictable games. But remember, even the oddsmakers don’t have great reads on the preseason so if you’re in tune with a specific team, you might be able to find more value in the preseason. Check out our guide to betting on the preseason for more helpful tips. Here are the spreads:


Indianapolis COLTS    
Cincinnati BENGALS   – 2½
Miami DOLPHINS    
Atlanta FALCONS   – 3
New York JETS   – 2
Philadelphia EAGLES    
Cleveland BROWNS    
Detroit LIONS   – 2½
New England PATRIOTS    
New York GIANTS   – 2½
Washington REDSKINS    
Baltimore RAVENS   – 4½
Carolina PANTHERS    
Pittsburgh STEELERS   – 2½
Jacksonville JAGUARS    
Tampa Bay BUCCANEERS   – 1½
Buffalo BILLS    
Chicago BEARS   – 3
Minnesota VIKINGS    
Tennessee TITANS   – 1
Los Angeles RAMS    
New Orleans SAINTS   – 4
Dallas COWBOYS    
Houston TEXANS   – 4
Green Bay PACKERS    
Kansas City CHIEFS   – 4
Denver BRONCOS    
Arizona CARDINALS   – 3
Los Angeles CHARGERS    
San Francisco 49ERS   – 3½
Oakland RAIDERS    
Seattle SEAHAWKS   – 3

Data provided by Westgate Superbook

How to Stream NFL Games This Season, All of the Popular Options

From network to Amazon to everything in between, these are the most popular options that allow streaming of football games. All providers offer a minimum of a 7-day free trial but do require proof of payment (e.g. credit card). This list was curated by ExpressVPN.

FREE? The only legal free options are streaming via Twitch or the Verizon/Yahoo apps with limitations: Twitch only carries 11 games, all on Thursdays, and Verizon/Yahoo limits the user to watching on a phone, showing only local, in-market games of national broadcasts on Thursday, Sunday and Monday nights. There are some less-than-legal streaming options but I won’t be linking them here. Google is your friend, just make sure you keep your adblocker on.

CBS All Access (U.S.)

$5.99 USD/month with limited commercials (One-week free trial available)

$9.99 USD/month with no commercials (One-week free trial available)

NFL Game Pass (U.S. and International)

$239.99 USD/year – season pass with all games live (7-day free trial available)

$154.99 USD/year – all games for one team live

$99.99 USD/year – live preseason, a replay of every NFL game on demand

DirecTV (U.S.)

$40 USD/month – CBS, Fox, NBC, ESPN and NFL Network. Games on CBS and Fox on Sunday afternoons, Sunday Night Football on NBC, Monday Night Football on ESPN and Thursday Night Football on Fox. (7-day free trial available)

Sling TV (U.S.)

$40 USD/month – Thursday and Sunday games on Fox, NBC and the NFL Network. Monday night games on ESPN. No CBS. (7-day free trial available)

Hulu (U.S.)

$40 USD/month – CBS, Fox, NBC and ESPN but not NFL Network. Games for Sunday afternoon (CBS and Fox), Sunday night (NBC), Monday night (ESPN) and 11 Thursday night games (Fox). (7-day free trial available)

YouTube TV (U.S.)

$40 USD/month – CBS, Fox, NBC and ESPN but not NFL Network. (7-day free trial available)

PlayStation Vue (U.S.)

$50 USD/month – CBS, Fox, NBC, ESPN and NFL Network. (7-day free trial available)

DAZN (Canada)

$20 CAD/month or $150 CAD/year – NFL Game Pass, RedZone, and Network (30-days free)

Amazon (U.S.)

Amazon Prime users ($119 USD/year or $12.99 USD/month) get all Thursday Night Football games free. (30-day free trial available)

Twitch (U.S.)

Free – Twitch users will get 11 Thursday Night Football games free, no need to use Amazon Prime.

NFL App and Yahoo Sports app (U.S.)

Free – limited to watching on your phone, only local, in-market games and the national broadcasts on Thursday, Sunday and Monday nights.

Updated Super Bowl Odds as of 8/24/18

The buzz around the Browns preseason has moved them from the worst odds at 100/1 to now being a reasonable 66/1 for a team that didn’t win a game last season. Replacing them at the bottom of the totem pole are the Arizona Cardinals, Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins all at 150/1. The Jets aren’t far behind at 100/1 so the AFC East has three of the four teams with the lowest odds to win the Super Bowl and, of course, the best odds with the Patriots at 6/1. Check out the rest of the teams with how odds have shifted through many of the major moments of the offseason:

                                                         2/5/18             3/22/18           5/1/18        Current: 8/24/18 

New England Patriots                            5/1                    5/1                    5/1                    6/1

Los Angeles Rams                                18/1                  14/1                  9/1                    17/2

Minnesota Vikings                                 12/1                  9/1                    12/1                  19/2

Pittsburgh Steelers                                12/1                  12/1                  10/1                  19/2

Philadelphia Eagles                               9/1                    17/2                  8/1                    10/1

Green Bay Packers                                9/1                    14/1                  12/1                  11/1

New Orleans Saints                               18/1                  18/1                  22/1                  14/1

Atlanta Falcons                                     18/1                  20/1                  30/1                  15/1

Los Angeles Chargers                           33/1                  33/1                  35/1                  16/1

Houston Texans                                    25/1                  22/1                  25/1                  18/1

Jacksonville Jaguars                             28/1                  22/1                  35/1                  18/1

San Francisco 49ers                              20/1                  14/1                  15/1                  22/1

Dallas Cowboys                                    18/1                  28/1                  30/1                  26/1

Oakland Raiders                                    33/1                  22/1                  30/1                  28/1

Kansas City Chiefs                                28/1                  33/1                  40/1                  33/1

Baltimore Ravens                                  40/1                  50/1                  40/1                  40/1

Carolina Panthers                                  25/1                  33/1                  35/1                  40/1

New York Giants                                   50/1                  50/1                  75/1                  40/1

Denver Broncos                                    33/1                  25/1                  30/1                  45/1

Tennessee Titans                                   50/1                  50/1                  45/1                  45/1     

Seattle Seahawks                                  28/1                  25/1                  30/1                  55/1

Detroit Lions                                         40/1                  50/1                  60/1                  65/1

Cleveland Browns                                  100/1                66/1                  100/1                75/1

Washington Redskins                            50/1                  66/1                  80/1                  75/1

Chicago Bears                                      100/1                80/1                  100/1                80/1

Indianapolis Colts                                  33/1                  60/1                  40/1                  80/1

Cincinnati Bengals                                 66/1                  90/1                  100/1                90/1

Tampa Bay Buccaneers                         40/1                  50/1                  65/1                  90/1

New York Jets                                       66/1                  100/1                100/1                100/1

Arizona Cardinals                                  50/1                  66/1                  80/1                  150/1

Buffalo Bills                                          66/1                  66/1                  100/1                150/1

Miami Dolphins                                     66/1                  70/1                  100/1                150/1

Data provided by Bovada

Odds to Win Defensive Rookie of the Year

While the offensive rookie of the year award is often more talked about, the defensive award is just as important. Right now, Broncos DE Bradley Chubb is the favorite. Chubb definitely has the talent, but maybe more importantly, he also has a favorable situation with teams focusing blocking on Von Miller. Check the odds below and let us know who you like a value bet this year:

Odds to win Defensive Rookie of the Year

Bradley Chubb                          4/1

Roquan Smith                           11/2

Tremaine Edmunds                    19/2

Minkah Fitzpatrick                     14/1

Derwin James                           14/1

Denzel Ward                             14/1

Leighton Vander Esch               15/1

Jaire Alexander                         18/1

Marcus Davenport                     18/1

Rashaan Evans                         18/1

Harold Landry                           18/1

Josh Jackson                           20/1

Terrell Edmunds                        28/1

Vita Vea                                    28/1

Carlton Davis                            33/1

Donte Jackson                          33/1

Darius Leonard                          33/1

Da’Ron Payne                           33/1

Jessie Bates                             35/1

Taven Bryan                              35/1

Uchenna Nwosu                        35/1

MJ Stewart                                35/1

Kemoko Turay                           35/1

Mike Hughes                             40/1

Maurice Hurst                            40/1

Isaiah Oliver                              40/1

Breeland Speaks                       66/1

Tyquan Lewis                            70/1

PJ Hall                                      85/1

Data provided by Bovada

Charles Barkley to be the New Face of DraftKings Sportsbook Ad Campaign

The Round Mound of Rebound and entertaining commentator on Inside the NBA has become the new spokesperson for DraftKings national ad campaign. In addition to advertisements, Barkley has also helped with a series of videos “Barkley Knows Bets,” which released on August 13th. 

It’s a big move for DraftKings who get one of the most popular sports personality voices on television. Emory Marketing professor Mike Lewis believes DraftKings receives two main benefits.

“First, [DraftKings] gets some publicity benefits.  Barkley is a major sports personality that the media loves to cover.  It’s almost like a stadium naming deal in that it generates massive sports press coverage,” Lewis explained through an email. “Second, there is likely a brand benefit.  Sports fans perceive Charles as cool, irreverent and smart.  The draft king brand likely gets “some” of this cool by association.”

These are the kind of partnerships allowed by the Supreme Court decision last April. Betting is still the massive business it was before but now is being pushed out through mainstream channels. 

For Barkley he is able to align himself with DraftKings who appears poised to be a major player in the new US sports betting landscape. Barkley has been appearing on more advertisements recently, a move that may in part come from him sharing the Inside the NBA desk with Shaq, a notorious brand spokesman. 

[In addition to the payday], I also suspect that Barkley is trying to follow the Shaq business model,” Lewis wrote. “Shaq has created a business empire through being an interesting pitchman. My guess is that the plan is use these types of partnerships to also build the Barkley brand. Both these guys are verbally adept and have charisma so it’s a natural way to build their brands.”

Expect to see more mainstream crossover from large sportsbooks with retired household athletes. In addition to “Good News, Bad News” above, DraftKings has also released “Something’s Wrong.” If you are a new bettor who wants to get the basics for sports gambling, who better to provide the lesson than Barkley. The full series of “Barkley Knows Bets,” can be found here

What is the Worst Trade Your Team Ever Made?

The history of the NFL is littered with poor deals that sent future stars packing for modest returns. Every team has it’s own horror story of sending a player away only for them to become a star on another franchise. We took to Twitter to ask our followers what was the most bone-headed decision their GM or coach made that they can remember. Here are some of the best responses:

Moss was undoubtedly a star for Minnesota but character concerns saw him traded to Oakland in 2005. In return the Vikings received Harris a linebacker who played two seasons in Minnesota with only 60 total tackles. The 7th pick of the draft was used on Troy Williamson, a WR who was expected to fill the void left by Moss. Here’s how that went:


Alphonso Smith was a heralded corner from Wake Forest who was falling on draft day. The Broncos stopped the fall by trading next year’s first to Seattle to pick Smith at 37. The CB played exactly one season for Denver recording just nine tackles and no interceptions despite starting 14 games. Seattle selected Earl Thomas with the Denver pick who went on to become a core member of the Legion of Boom and one of the best safeties in the league. 

Going the other way, this is the worst trade a team didn’t make. It’s ludicrous to think of a coach/GM giving up all of the teams picks for one player but that is exactly what Ditka did. The Bengals declined, opting for Oregon QB Akili Smith instead. Ditka found another suitor in Washington at pick #5 and, after the Saints struggled that year, he lost his job. If someone were to offer that trade now, every single team would take it without hesitation, no matter the pick or who is on the board.

Check out the rest of the responses and chime in with your favorite team. There are enough options to do another follow up post so put a comment down and we might feature your tweet next time. 

NFL Defensive Player of the Year Odds

JJ Watt                         5/1

Joey Bosa                    11/2

Aaron Donald                11/2

Khalil Mack                   11/2

Von Miller                     9/1

Jalen Ramsey               14/1

Luke Kuechley               22/1

Cameron Jordan            22/1

DeMarcus Lawrence      22/1

Chandler Jones             30/1

Calais Campbell            33/1

Fletcher Cox                 33/1

Myles Garrett                33/1

Harrison Smith              33/1

Bobby Wagner              35/1

Tyrann Mathieu              40/1

Xavier Rhodes              40/1

Bradley Chubb              50/1

Jadaveon Clowney        50/1

Myles Jack                   50/1

Marshon Lattimore         50/1

CJ Mosley                    60/1

Deion Jones                 66/1

Eric Berry                      75/1

Everson Griffen             75/1

Malik Hooker                 75/1

Telvin Smith                  75/1

Marcus Peters               75/1

Stephon Tuitt                80/1

Kwon Alexander            85/1

Roquan Smith               85/1

Keanu Neaul                  90/1

Other players available on request

Data provided by Bovada

Notes: Two of the top four players still do not have contracts. (Aaron Donald, Rams; Khalil Mack, Raiders)

Jalen Ramsey is the only secondary player with odds better than 33/1 where safeties Harrison Smith and Bobby Wagner sit. 

College Football Individual Stats Props

Data provided by Bovada

2018 College Football Quarterback Stats (Bowl games and Conference Championship games do not count towards wager.)

2018 Regular Season – Total Passing Yards – Justin Herbert (Oregon)

Over/Under                   3100.5


2018 Regular Season – Total Passing TD’s – Justin Herbert (Oregon)

Over/Under                   25.5


2018 Regular Season – Total Passing Yards – Will Grier (West Virginia)

Over/Under                   3900.5


2018 Regular Season – Total Passing TD’s – Will Grier (West Virginia)

Over/Under                   35.5


2018 Regular Season – Total Passing Yards – Nick Fitzgerald (Mississippi State)

Over/Under                   2449.5


2018 Regular Season – Total Passing TD’s – Nick Fitzgerald (Mississippi State)

Over/Under                   21.5


2018 Regular Season – Total Passing Yards – Trace McSorley (Penn State)

Over/Under                   3450.5


2018 Regular Season – Total Passing TD’s – Trace McSorley (Penn State)

Over/Under                   25.5


2018 Regular Season – Total Passing Yards – Khalil Tate (Arizona)

Over/Under                   2550.5


2018 Regular Season – Total Passing TD’s – Khalil Tate (Arizona)

Over/Under                   20.5


2018 College Football Running Back Stats (Bowl games and Conference Championship games do not count towards wager.)

2018 Regular Season – Total Rushing Yards – Rodney Anderson (Oklahoma)

Over/Under                   1150.5


2018 Regular Season – Total Rushing TD’s – Rodney Anderson (Oklahoma)

Over/Under                   13.5


2018 Regular Season – Total Rushing Yards – J.K. Dobbins (Ohio State)

Over/Under                   1374.5


2018 Regular Season – Total Rushing TD’s – J.K. Dobbins (Ohio State)

Over/Under                   12.5


2018 Regular Season – Total Rushing Yards – Nick Fitzgerald (Mississippi State)

Over/Under                   990.5


2018 Regular Season – Total Rushing TD’s – Nick Fitzgerald (Mississippi State)

Over/Under                   13.5


2018 Regular Season – Total Rushing Yards – Myles Gaskin (Washington)

Over/Under                   1400.5


2018 Regular Season – Total Rushing TD’s – Myles Gaskin (Washington)

Over/Under                   18.5


2018 Regular Season – Total Rushing Yards – Bryce Love (Stanford)

Over/Under                   1900.5


2018 Regular Season – Total Rushing TD’s – Bryce Love (Stanford)

Over/Under                   17.5


2018 Regular Season – Total Rushing Yards – Khalil Tate (Arizona)

Over/Under                   1400.5


2018 Regular Season – Total Rushing TD’s – Khalil Tate (Arizona)

Over/Under                   13.5


2018 Regular Season – Total Rushing Yards – Johnathan Taylor (Wisconsin)

Over/Under                   1900.5


2018 Regular Season – Total Rushing TD’s – Johnathan Taylor (Wisconsin)

Over/Under                   15.5


2018 College Football Wide Receiver Stats (Bowl games and Conference Championship games do not count towards wager.)

2018 Regular Season – Total Receiving Yards – A.J. Brown (Ole Miss)

Over/Under                   1300.5


2018 Regular Season – Total Receiving TD’s – A.J. Brown (Ole Miss)

Over/Under                   13.5


2018 Regular Season – Total Receiving Yards – N’Keal Harry (Arizona State)

Over/Under                   1100.5


2018 Regular Season – Total Receiving TD’s – N’Keal Harry (Arizona State)

Over/Under                   9.5


2018 Regular Season – Total Receiving Yards – David Sills V (West Virginia)

Over/Under                   1100.5


2018 Regular Season – Total Receiving TD’s – David Sills V (West Virginia)

Over/Under                   15.5