‘Cover City’: Week 3 NFL Recap And NFL Week 4 Preview With Christian Pina

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Sports Handle is pleased to present Cover City: A Pro and College Football Betting Podcast, hosted by Eric Rosenthal (@ericcports). Rosenthal is a professional sports bettor who focuses on NFL and college football. He’s wagered more than $25 million in the last nine years, getting banned from many sportsbooks along the way.

Let’s wrap our heads around what happened in NFL Week 3, particularly in Detroit and Minnesota. Ready to bury the Patriots again…? Consider buying.  To dissect what occurred and look toward NFL Week 4, Rosenthal is joined again by Christian Pina (@ChristianPina), professional sports handicapper for Radar Sharp Edge, host of Inside Vegas and Gambling Podcast content editor. 

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0:30: Pina explains his general betting philosophy and gets his 80/20 Rule.

2:00: The Patriots at the Lions and the biggest teaser liability ever. Also touching on social media and sports betting.

4:11: Time to buy Patriots futures is now. 

7:11: Shock of the week: Bills thump Vikings as 17-point ‘dogs.

10:30: Overreacting and under-reacting. Why Eric thinks this is what happened this weekend with the Bills in Week 3.

13:45: Buying low and selling high: Oakland Raiders edition.

15:46: AFC East: Patriots and Dolphins. Where is this division going as Fins head to New England?

18:40: Eric and Christian weigh in on Clay Matthews and the roughing the passer epidemic. And what to make of the Packers and Redskins moving forward.

23:15: Sam Bradford and a terrible, horrible bad game. How about Josh Rosen’s debut as the Cardinals head to Seattle.

28:48: The Saints of old? All Drew Brees and offense, no defense.

30:30: A brief Rosenthal rant about the NFL’s overtime rules. Is it time to adopt college football rules? What’s the correct solution?

34:25: The Patrick Mahomes Phenomenon. Do all good things have to come to an end? Christian talks about why the bookmakers are sweating his season.

37:30: “The best fade in the NFL” right now, per Christian.

40:40: L.A. Chargers and Bills: A return to normalcy this weekend. How Christian is approaching the Chargers vs. 49ers.

42:37: The Houston Texans and Bill O’Brien’s future.

43:56: On Dak Prescott and props on his passing yards getting set around baseball’s Mendoza line.

45:55: “Dak Prescott is a good Tim Tebow.” Eric object’s to Christian’s characterization. Wrapping things up and looking to Week 4.


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