DraftKings Campaigning For Massachusetts Betting

It appears that DraftKings believes its home state will be among the next to legalize sports betting, or wants to make sure that’s the case.

According to the Boston Herald, the Boston-based company has already kicked off a Boston-centric social-media campaign and will further pump up its public relations and lobbying efforts. Massachusetts lawmakers briefly entertained sports betting legislation this year, and the Massachusetts Gaming Commission commissioned a white paper to study sports betting in the Bay State, but no legislation was passed in 2018.

DraftKings currently operates an online sportsbook for New Jersey residents, and is leveraging the success of New Jersey bettors to get the attention of Massachusetts residents. Among the social media offerings is one that showcases a New Jersey bettor who won $325,000 when the Red Sox won their fourth World Series in 15 years late last month. According to the Herald, the social media campaign is tied to the the World Series and some New England Patriots’ games.