‘Cover City:’ Week 4 Recap, Dissection With Will Applebee of @NotSportsCenter

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Sports Handle is pleased to present Cover City: A Pro and College Football Betting Podcast, hosted by Eric Rosenthal (@ericcports). Rosenthal is a professional sports bettor who focuses on NFL and college football. He’s wagered more than $25 million in the last nine years, getting banned from many sportsbooks along the way.

Will Applebee @NotSportsCenter (aka @NOTSCWill) joins the show to discuss Week 4 action, what we’ve learned,  find out who Rosenthal pledges to never bet on again and much more. Looking to Week 5! Giddyup.

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4:40: Just how good are the L.A. Rams?

8:26: Chicago Bears victory over the remains of Fitzmagic.

10:19: Florida State and the turnover backpack effect.

13:10: Is the Chip Kelly experiment a bust?

15:07: Who has a better chance to cover: UCLA or Florida State?

17:03: The disastrous Green Bay Packers vs. Buffalo Bills game. How will the Pack fare against the Lions in Week 5?

21:11 Mediocre Dallas Cowboys vs. Mediocre Detroit Lions.

22:22: What does 2018 hold for the Super Bowl Champion Eagles? And could the Titans be a playoff team (again)?

24:50: Atlanta Falcons fall to 1-3 and the upcoming “disaster collision” vs. Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 5.

26:30: The Seattle Seahawks earned the Earl Thomas middle finger.

28:25: The New England Patriots fall from grace?

29:45: Reminder: N.Y. Jets’ QB Sam Darnold is a rookie.

31:00: The Indianapolis Colts’ bizarre play calls.

32:40: Roughing the passer and poor Cleveland Browns fans.

40:36: Arizona Cardinals’ rookie QB Josh Rosen’s first career start and the terrible wide receiver core

44:18: The L.A. Chargers win by 2 and destroy Eric’s teaser.

48:00: N.Y. Giants QB Eli Manning just isn’t good anymore. Time to tank and get a new quarterback.

50:44: New Orleans Saints’ RB Alvin Kamara’s fantasy domination and the year of gimmicky plays.

52:57: The Pittsburgh Steelers’ “elimination” game and are the Baltimore Ravens the real deal?

54:17: Lookahead lines for Week 5 and which games to avoid.

Come back here Thursday for the NFL Week 5 pod and a look at the Saturday college football slate. And follow us on Twitter at @ericports and @sports_handle

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