‘Pro Football Handle’: NFL Week 9 Breakdown, Patriots-Packers, Rams-Saints

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On The Pro Football Handle, brought to you by PropSwap.com, Las Vegas-based sports talk voice Matt Perrault and veteran bookmaker Robert Walker of USBookmaking dive into select NFL games, line movements and bookmaker liabilities, plus greater sports betting topics and stories that may have nothing to do with football. Walker has seen it all behind the counter and Perrault the same from behind the microphone, so they’ll have you prepared for anything.

We’re over the halfway mark: Welcome to NFL Week 9. This week has two unwatchable games with Raiders vs. 49ers and Jets vs. Dolphins, but also has two monster games in Rams at Saints and Patriots at Packers. There’s also lots of teaser opportunities this week. Buckle up and dive in for a profitable and fun week.  

Spotify fans go here to listen.  Time codes for the episode follow below. Your feedback is welcome at @sports_handle.

1:20 — USBookmaking’s New Mexico launch review and NFL Week 8 recap. 

6:22 — New Mexico sports betting kiosk roll out.

9:10 — L.A. Rams RB Todd Gurley’s smart football play (that upset some folks).

12:57 — PropSwap.com Future Focus: Rams to win the Super Bowl?

15:14 — Oakland Raiders +2.5 at San Francisco 49ers  —  You have to bet $10 on this game to even watch it.

17:53 — Detroit Lions +4.5 at Minnesota Vikings — Line dropped from 7 to 4.5, why so much movement?

20:31 — Kansas City Chiefs -8.5 at Cleveland Browns — Bettors are actually taking home dog Cleveland, but what does a change in coaching staff mean for the Browns? Anything over +7 is a play here.

24:25 — Pittsburgh Steelers +3 at Baltimore Ravens — Head says take the Steelers,  but the Ravens may win this game.

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26:18 — Tampa Bay Buccaneers +6.5 at Carolina Panthers — Will we see an inconsistent Fitzpatrick or the the return of FitzMagic?

28:51 — L.A. Chargers +1.5 at Seattle Seahawks — Great teaser potential, this will be a tight football game.

31:24 — Chicago Bears -10 at Buffalo Bills — This isn’t a bet on the Bears, it’s a bet against the Bills.

34:33 — Atlanta Falcons +1.5 at Washington Redskins  — Washington may be the worst 5-2 team ever.

36:07 —  N.Y Jets +3 at Miami Dolphins — At least they are playing each other…

36:23 — Houston Texans  +1 and Denver Broncos —  Houston is overrated and this is a game Denver can win.

39:14 — L.A. Rams +1.5 at New Orleans Saints — NFC Championship preview and the best regular season game of the year. Would a loss benefit the Rams?

45:10 — Green Bay Packers +5.5 at New England Patriots   —  Primetime, at home? You don’t bet against the Patriots.

51:12 — Tennessee Titans +6.5 at Dallas Cowboys — Do you have the stomach to take the Titans? Perrault just might.

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Have a profitable Week 9, folks. Follow Perrault on Twitter @sportstalkmatt and Walker @robertusfsports.

Thanks for listening and see you back next week, tell a friend, sign up for our newsletter and also stay tuned for this week’s  Cover City Podcast with  Eric Rosenthal.


The post ‘Pro Football Handle’: NFL Week 9 Breakdown, Patriots-Packers, Rams-Saints appeared first on SportsHandle.

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