RotoRadar Podcast Episode 2


NFP is pleased to present On the RotoRadar. In partnership with RotoRadar, the podcast will dig deep into DFS advice with their experts as well as NFL best bets from professional sports bettor, Christian Pina. Pina will analyze which games are getting action and why, and provide opportunistic spots and angles including prop bets.

DFS analysts and experts include Cash Game Pro Analyst, OnceHarby went an amazing 18-3 last Season. GPP Pro Analyst, FadeToBlack has qualified for three FanDuel Live Finals. Handicapping Pro Analyst and @Ericsports

Time Stamps for Week 2 “On The RotoRadar” Podcast:

00:00 - Introductions
5:15 Eagles vs. Buccaneers
9:45 Texans vs. Titans
14:05 Colts vs. Redskins
19:10 Vikings vs. Packers
25:00 Browns vs. Saints
31:50 Chiefs vs. Steelers
37:00 Dolphins vs. Jets
38:50 Panthers vs. Falcons
42:45 Charges vs. Bills
45:30 Cardinals vs. Rams
46:50 Lions vs. 49ers
48:55 Raiders vs. Broncos
53:45 Patriots vs. Jaguars
55:10 Giants vs. Cowboys
57:45 Ravens vs. Bengals
1:04:20 Twitter Q&A
1:08:50 Closing Remarks


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