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Success Before and After a Super Bowl Win

After back-to-back 7-9 seasons, would anyone have predicted the Eagles would win Super Bowl LII? Did anyone believe that the Giants would miss the playoffs in the three seasons following the team's win over the Patriots in SB XLVI? Predicting the success of a Super Bowl winner before the next season begins is far from an exact science. Unless it's the Patriots, who will lose a game near the end of the regular season to a less-than-average team, soar through the playoffs and then play in an exciting Super Bowl. Also, there will be a game in there where one of their four running backs scores three touchdowns and it will be against your fantasy football team. Classic Pats. But, if you aren't a diehard Patriots fan, your team's season won't be as predictable. We decided to take a look at how teams have fared in the three years before and after they won a Super Bowl since 2008. Use the dropdown box to select a year, and hover over the dots to see the results. {{CODE1}}
Martin Chandler
Martin is a data analyst that has been applauded for his ability to make the complex simple. He grew up on a farm in northern Vermont and spent his summers helping his mom lead llama treks at Smugglers' Notch Resort. Martin graduated from University of Vermont with a degree in Mathematics. After graduation he left Vermont to work for an educational nonprofit called City Year for two years, and followed that up by attending the data science immersive program at Galvanize in Denver. He is an avid Green Bay Packer fan, and spends his free time playing football and soccer.

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