What is a 'Wham' block?

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If you watch enough pro football on Sundays, you will hear the term “Wham” block when analysts break down the run game. Sounds cool, but what exactly is the technique of the blocking scheme?

Using the All-22 tape from the Rams-49ers matchup, let’s take a look at the how the “Wham” block allowed RB Steven Jackson to get in the end zone. Check out the cut-ups and then we will break down some coaching points.



Depending on the defensive front you are working against (4-3 vs. 3-4), the FB (or H-Back) will be the key to the blocking scheme. Think of an inside trap vs. the D-Line. With the 49ers aligned in their 3-4 front, the Rams are going to “Wham” the Nose. The center will release (along with the right guard) and work to the second level of the defense (LBs) with the FB/H blocking down (or trapping) on the Nose.


The end zone view of the “Wham” block from the FB/H. Remember, this is going to be a violent collision. The Nose is given a free release at the line of scrimmage and the FB/H has a downhill angle to put a helmet on him.


Look at the hole for Jackson. With both the center and the guard turning out the LBs, and the FB/H on the inside “Wham” block, the Rams have created a clear running lane for Jackson. Square the pads, get up the field and run through contact on the goal line for six points.


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