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In-Game Wagering

Live betting is just what the name suggests – betting live during a game on scores or events that happen. It has become a huge part of the global online sports betting marketplace, with as much as 70 per cent of wagering happen after kickoff (or puck drop, or tip-off or the first pitch or whatever events starts your sport).

Also known as in-play betting or in-game wagering, the odds change dynamically all during the game, based on field position, injuries, turnovers and other factors.

How does live betting work in NFL?

Here’s a quick example of how live betting might work in an NFL game. You bet the Chargers -3 to beat the Raiders. That is your pre-game wager. However, on the opening kickoff, the Raiders return it for a touchdown and are up 7-0.

Immediately, the live betting odds will change, probably moving the line back to 0 (or even odds) for the rest of the game. Now if you still have faith in the Chargers to come back and win the game, now you can make a live bet on the Chargers at EV to go along with your pre-game bet of -3.

If the Chargers throw an interception of their first play which is returned for a TD and a 14-0 Raiders lead, the live odds will change again, probably moving to +7 or +10 for the Chargers. If you still believe the Chargers can come back, now you could also bet the Chargers at +10.

Now you would have three bets on the Chargers all at different point spreads. You may win all of them if the Chargers come back to win 30-24 (for example) or none of them if they lose by 30-10 (more than 10 points).

Can I bet on more than just the score in live betting?

If you can imagine it, you can probably bet on it during in-game wagering. Who will score the first touchdown? There are odds on just about every player that will change as field position changes.

What will be the result of the Raiders first drive? A punt, a field goal attempt, a touchdown or a turnover? The odds change dynamically. Will the QB throw for more than 200 yards by halftime?

If anything, live betting is a form of wagering where you need to have discipline and impulse control because there is so much to offer. It can be a way to make a terrific profit on a game but it can also be dangerous to your bankroll if your careless or undisciplined.

A great rule of thumb – play with your head, not over your head.

Live Betting in the NFL