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How Teams Records Change by the Month

The Giants dominate October while the Panthers shine in December. In Green Bay, the Pack has winning... Read More

How the Super Bowl Odds Changed Through the Off Season

Super Bowl odds change as recreational and sharp bettors back their favorite team. This is a look at... Read More

Is Playoff Experience an Indicator of Future Success?

Every postseason, young teams are counted out from contention because they don't have "playoff exper... Read More

Teams That Can't Buy Success – A Look at the NFL's Longest Droughts

Days before Super Bowl III, Joe Namath famously guaranteed his New York Jets would defeat the heavil... Read More

Answering the Fantasy Football Players Injury Dilemma

All fantasy football players have had this dilemma: Player X is my best option at WR 2 but he’s co... Read More

NFL Arrests by Year Since 2000

This is part two of our series comparing how different factors have influenced the arrest rate in th... Read More

Wild Card Appearances (2002-2018)

Since the NFL was restructured in 2002, there are four teams that have not played in the postseason ... Read More

2017 Wins and Losses

Following a loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers on December 31st 2017, the Cleveland Browns completed th... Read More

NFL Arrests by Month

Since the turn of the century there have been 1,010 arrests of NFL players. While that number may se... Read More

Comparing Team vs Divisional Wins

It's no secret that the New England Patriots have pretty much owned the AFC East for the past decade... Read More

How Every Team and Division Has Fared in NFC vs. AFC Matchups

In 2018, we'll get to see Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers battle it out on the field for the second - an... Read More

All the NFL Suspensions for 2018 in One Place

Jameis Winston is the latest player to be suspended by the NFL after his incident with an Uber drive... Read More

Success Before and After a Super Bowl Win

After back-to-back 7-9 seasons, would anyone have predicted the Eagles would win Super Bowl LII? Did... Read More

Visualizing NFL Shutouts Since 2008

Not even a field goal. In the NFL, shutouts are rare and represent domination for the defense and an... Read More

A Comparison of 2018 NFL Draft Grades

Let's imagine for a moment that you're an Arizona Cardinals fan, and ESPN's Mel Kiper Jr. is your go... Read More