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A Comparison of 2018 NFL Draft Grades

Let's imagine for a moment that you're an Arizona Cardinals fan, and ESPN's Mel Kiper Jr. is your go-to source for NFL information. You were probably a bit frustrated when he gave your team a C+ for their overall 2018 draft grade. You call your neighbor to tell him the bad news, but he tells you that Gennaro Filice of gave the Cardinals an A. You hang up the phone, pondering the question: "How can two experts assign such different grades?" This is just one example of how a reader's perception of their team can be skewed by the sites they favor. The goal of this data visualization is to compare draft grades from five notable websites (ESPN, Yahoo, Sports Illustrated, CBS, and and see just how much their results can vary based on the same information. Some teams, like the Chargers, stayed consistent across all the sites. Others, like the Saints, proved pretty divisive. Use the dropdown lists to compare different media outlets. The darker the circle, the greater the grade difference. Play around with the data and see what interesting conclusions you can draw about your favorite team, or your favorite analyst. {{CODE1}}
Martin Chandler
Martin is a data analyst that has been applauded for his ability to make the complex simple. He grew up on a farm in northern Vermont and spent his summers helping his mom lead llama treks at Smugglers' Notch Resort. Martin graduated from University of Vermont with a degree in Mathematics. After graduation he left Vermont to work for an educational nonprofit called City Year for two years, and followed that up by attending the data science immersive program at Galvanize in Denver. He is an avid Green Bay Packer fan, and spends his free time playing football and soccer.

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