Randle and Claiborne run significantly better at Pro Day

At the Combine last month two highly regarded LSU players had just average times in the 40-yard dash.

Mo Claiborne, who many feel is this year’s top corner, ran an average of about 4.53 at Indy. Rueben Randle, the fine LSU receiver, ran in the 4.58 range at the Combine.

Today at the LSU Pro Day both showed significant improvement. Claiborne ran in the 4.45 area and Randle was even better running an average of 4.40 with some scouts getting him in 4.38. The 40’s were run at the indoor LSU practice facility on field turf.

Why the difference?

I could write a long story on that, but I will save it for another day. It’s safe to say though that Claiborne solidified his position as the top corner in the draft. Going into the Combine, many thought that Randle may be a late first but his 40 time knocked him down a bit. The improvement means Randle again could be a late first and at worst go in the top part of the second round.