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Alaska Sports Betting

Alaska Sports Betting Legalization News

Like Utah, Alaska is one of the very few states to offer zero gambling in any form. But there were legislative moves in early 2020 that appear to pave the way for future sports betting in Alaska.

The state senate introduced a bill to create the Alaska Lottery Corporation and set out the rules under which it would be created, maintained and grown.

So while Alaska residents currently rely on online betting options from overseas or offshore entities, this indicates the state is willing to explore the industry.

Is sports betting legal in Alaska?

No. And since the state has never offered gambling and doesn’t even have a regulatory body in place, it will be a while before this becomes reality. Pundits estimate it would 2022 at the earliest.

Where can I bet at Alaska sportsbooks?

Nowhere at the moment.

What about mobile sports betting apps in Alaska?

None at the moment.

What is the legal sports betting age in Alaska?

As of March 2020, no lotteries or other forms of gambling are available so a legal betting age has been irrelevant. Most states have opted for 21 for casino-style wagering and 18 for lottery tickets, so that is a possible future scenario.

Who is allowed to offer Alaska sports betting?

Nobody at the moment as there are no lotteries or forms of land-based on online betting in Alaska.

Who regulates or licenses Alaska sports betting?

A proposed bill in February 2020 called Senate Bill No. 188 would establish an Alaska Lottery Corporation and outlined its powers and duties. This would be a preliminary step to consider future wagering expansion such as sports betting in Alaska.

What sports will be favorites of Alaska sports bettors?

Alaska is obviously a geographically remote state with a small population. Their residents come from all over the country and the world, so their sports betting allegiances would be varied.

In theory, NHL teams from the west coast such as Vancouver Canucks, Edmonton Oilers and Calgary Flames could be favorite Alaska sports betting targets. The Canadian Football League also has west-coast teams with the BC Lions, Edmonton Eskimos and Calgary Stampeders.

In college, none of the few colleges take part in major program sports, although the University of Alaska at Anchorage hosts an annual college basketball tournament around Thanksgiving, which always generates interest and visits from Div. 1 schools.